Top cosmetic surgeon Alex Karidis says her implants are beyond repair

A top cosmetic surgeon has claimed that Pamela Anderson’s breasts are at risk of caving in.

Celebrity doc Alex Karidis says the actress’s surgically enhanced boobs have lost their shape and are beyond repair.

‘Her skin has been damaged by sun and lost elasticity,’ he explains. ‘Coupled with her small frame and thin body tissues, you can see the outline of her implants.

‘The cleavage area is easily the most exposed part of the body and is very sensitive.’

Pammie, 41, has had 4 boob ops. She got implants when she moved to Hollywood in the late 80s, but in 1999 had them removed.

But the natural look didn’t last long. She soon returned to the shape that made her famous, and in 2005 had them boosted yet again.

Now Alex says it’s too late for more surgery.

‘Another boob job won’t help. Cutting away scar tissue from previous jobs will only make their appearance worse long term,’ he says.

Pamela has recently rekindled her relationship with ex-husband Tommy Lee, 45, father to her children Brandon, 12, and Dylan, 10.