Hollyoaks actress worried she doesn't give good lovin'

Gemma Atkinson says her love life is a disaster because she doesn’t show her feelings.

The busty model – who once dated footy heartthrob Cristiano Ronaldo – is convinced that boyfriends dump her because she’s cold.

‘I’m told in every relationship that I’m not affectionate,’ she’s admitted to jungle pal John Burton-Race.

‘The guy always says I don’t give enough. I don’t even put a kiss on a text message. I don’t tell him what he means to me.’

But the 23-year-old is adamant that she does care about the men in her life, she just can’t find a way of demonstrating her passion.

‘Although I feel it, I struggle to show it,’ she says. ‘And every relationship I have been in has broken down for that reason.’

But John did little to help Gem – and told her there wasn’t much she could about it.

‘If it’s not in your make up,’ he advised, ‘there’s nothing you can change.’

Comforting words, John. Well done.

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