Glamour girl reveals far too much (don't read if you hate unpleasant shocks)

Warning: Don’t read this story if you’re easily offended.

Gemma Atkinson has revealed she poos in front of her fella.

The former Hollyoaks star, 23, made the shocking confession to her fellow I’m A Celeb contestants during a natter about intimacy.

‘Whenever my fella is in the bath I go in and chat to him,’ Gemma told the group.

PR guru Lynne Franks was keen to clear up what she meant: ‘You have a wee, you mean?’

But Gem says there’s nothing she keeps secret from her mystery boyfriend

‘And the other stuff,’ Gemma admitted, reports The Sun. ‘He always leathers me, but we have a joke about it.’

Hmmmm, these glamour models seem to have no inhibitions at all. Jordan has also admitted sitting on the lavatory for Number Twos in front of Peter Andre.

What happened to romance?

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