But Meg Raphael wasn't impressed by his performance

Marc Bannerman is a love rat, claims barmaid Meg Raphael, but he’s no sex god.

The 25-year-old alleges she slept with the Ex-EastEnder in March while girlfriend Sarah Matravers was away.

‘I thought Marc was gorgeous but the sex was such a let-down,’ says Meg. ‘I wasn’t satisfied.’

Meg, who met the actor while pulling pints behind the bar at Northampton’s Royal Theatre, insists she didn’t realise he was in relationship when they had their alleged short fling.

‘He told me he was single,’ she tells the News Of The World.

‘When I saw how he was with Cerys I thought, “That’s exactly how he was with me – all flirty touches and eye-contact”.”

Meg was impressed that Marc, 34, owned a Ferrari, but not by what was hiding inside his Calvin Klein boxer shorts.

‘The earth didn’t move or shake for me—it didn’t even tremble,’ she claims.

‘I don’t think he’s being genuine when he says he loves Cerys. He doesn’t love her, he just loves the attention.’

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