WARNING! Caroline Flack's new kitten has got some serious 'aww' factor

Here at Now we love nothing more than an excuse to pause everything we’re doing to look at pictures of cute animals. Therefore we owe a special thanks to Caroline Flack for introducing her new kitten to the world.

The latest addition to Caroline’s household goes by the name of Waffle and while she’s given no hint as to whether Waffle is a boy or a girl it’s basically the cutest thing EVER!

Strictly Come Dancing champion Caroline has been keeping her Instagram followers entertained and suitably jealous in equal measure by posting pictures of Waffle doing all sorts of amazingly cute kitten-like things.

Earlier this week Caroline, 35, shared a picture of Waffle sandwiched inside a draw full of stuffed teddy bears along with the caption, ‘Where’s waffle’.

If that wasn’t enough cute factor to help get you through working-week blues the TV presenter also shared a picture of Waffle poking its head over the arm of her sofa writing, ‘Hi I’m Waffle and I just walk around looking like this.’ Adorable.

And it seems Caroline is just as obsessed with the little kitty as we are – even admitting to her Twitter followers that she left a Valentine’s Day dinner to go and check on Waffle.

Revealing her paranoia over Waffle’s wellfare protective cat mum Caroline tweeted, ‘Just got a cab half way through dinner to check on my cat… Yes I have a cat… Imagine if I had kids.. Jesus.. Too much.’

Yesterday she added, ‘Everyone leaves the TV on for their cat right?’

Well, no Caroline, but when the cat in question is as cute as yours then we think such behaviour is just about OK.

Check out some pictures of Waffle above. You can thank us later.

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