As the Great British Bake Off heads towards the quarter finals, we look back at the funniest baking fails that have happened this series

You know what we love more than a perfectly iced pretty cake or the relief that there’s not a soggy bottom in sight? A Bake-Off blunder, that’s what.

We know, we know. We LOVE to see people try and triumph! (Case in point, Paul’s roar-some lion bread), but the reason Britain’s great as a nation is because even when we fall, oh, how we laugh about it.

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And that couldn’t be more true than in the Bake Off tent. When everything’s going Pete Tong, even though the bakers are competing against one another, the rally round to help one another. Then if and when things do flop, Mel and Sue make a punny pun about and even Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry crack out a smile or two over it

From pools of jelly to melting cakes, here are the funniest fails from the Bake Off this year…

1.) Melting mayhem
Straight in week 1, poor ol’ Dorret had a right nightmare when the filling for one of the layers in her black forest gateau just didn’t set. It was a royal mess.

Like a mud landslide.

2.) Not the net
Last night, our fave friendly fireman Mat, left the competition. But not before proving us with some LOLs. As the bakers worked they way through the technical challenge of, erm, a tennis court cake, they all fiddled their busy fingers trying to make teeny tiny tennis racquets out of icing. Of course, they all put them in the fridge to cool them down and get them to set quicker. Except Mat of course, who got the fridge confused with the oven..

Yeah. That’s how we felt about it too Nadiya.

Safe to say that it did not turn out too well.

3.) Flubber fiasco

Sadly, that wasn’t the only blunder that Mat suffered that day, as everyone was rolling out their peaceful, pastel green icing for the tennis court, Mat was left fighting his florescent green creation like it was Flubber.

4.) Gusset-gate

We love seeing how creative the contestants get in the Bake Off – from making buildings out of biscuits to making a crown out of sponge fingers – but when Paul created a lady bathing in her bikini out of fondant icing, we could not stop laughing as Mel and Sue pointed out that the poor lass didn’t have a gusset on her two-piece. Oh, and the fact that Paul just lost it every time the word ‘gusset’ was said had us nearly wetting ourselves from giggles.

5.) Don’t think you’re ready for this jelly

Nop. In the words of Destiny’s Child, definitely don’t think you all are ready for this jelly, because THIS JELLY ISN’T READY! Oh Paul, gonna need a straw for that mate.

We’re sad to see you go Mat – who else is going to make us a fire truck out of biscuits! – but congrats Tamal on star baker! It’s been a long time a-coming.

Amy Lo