It's the news we've been waiting for: James Bourne and Matt Willis will be joined by Charlie Simpson for a new Busted tour and album in 2016. Air kicks all round!

Get set to do the biggest air kick ever, because Busted are BACK – all three of them!

James Bourne and Matt Willis are reuniting with Charlie Simpson for a 2016 comeback tour and album, and our younger selves are all kinds of excited.

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The news was announced at a press conference in London earlier today, marking the first time all three members of the chart-topping Noughties band had been seen together since they split in 2005.

Of course, James and Matt have done their best to fill the Busted-shape hole in our lives since then by joining forces with the McFly boys – Danny Jones, Harry Judd, Tom Fletcher and Dougie Poynter – to form superband McBusted, but we always dreamed the day would come when the original Busted line-up would return.

And that day is now! To celebrate we’ve listed five reasons Busted’s return is the best news EVER…

1. It ends ten years of heartbreak

We’ve never really recovered from the sad day we heard Busted were no more. The date was 14th January 2005, Charlie wore a black blazer over a t-shirt (yes, we remember ALL the details) and Matt and James looked genuinely gutted as they announced they were calling it a day because Charlie wanted todo his own thing.

‘We’re not going to carry on because Busted needs to be remembered the way Busted was – not two of us carrying it on,’ James told the press conference.

2. All the nostalgia feels

As previous reunions (see: Take That, Blue, Atomic Kitten) have taught us, there’s something utterly magical about rediscovering a former musical love when you’re a little older. It’s like meeting up with your first boyfriend, only to discover that he was the one all along. Except that NEVER happens, but this is totally on!

3. The return of THOSE eyebrows

Sure, we’ve missed Charlie (we never really got into the whole Fightstar vibe, did you?). But by GOD we’ve missed those eyebrows of his! They have the same effect on us as Channing Tatum’s abs (i.e. they turn us into a quivering, sexually-charged mess). Seriously, we’d pay good money just to see them on tour.

4. It proves that miracles CAN happen

‘I wish Matt and James all the best with their future projects but I want to make it unequivocally clear that I have no interest whatsoever in rejoining Busted and I never will,’ Charlie once said – which means todays news is nothing short of a miracle. A big, early Christmas miracle!


Our Busted CDs (yeah, old school, we know) are starting to look very worn, so we’re beyond excited that the boys are about to hit us with a whole new album.

So far we only know that it’s called What Doesn’t Kill You (ooh, moody), but we reckon it’ll include plenty of their trademark cheeky lyrics (can they come up with a line to top ‘I messed my pants when we flew over France’?), a few Back To The Future references (we’re sure James was in superfan heaven on BTTF day last month) and shedloads of killer guitar riffs.

But, until the album’s released, we’ll be listening to the band’s back catalogue on a loop (even more so than usual) and air-jumping around our bedroom – and we’ll be starting with this vintage classic. Join us, won’t you?