Lauren Goodger loves to let loose after one too many drinks, as her CBB housemates are finding out! Here are her 5 worst drunk moments (in and out of the house)

There Lauren Goodger goes, stirring things up again in the Celebrity Big Brother house.

After two glasses of plonk the TOWIE alumni, 27, raised a few eyebrows on Sunday’s episode by suggesting that she had ‘more to lose’ than other contestants, suggesting she’s a bigger name than the other contestants.

Talking to James Jordan, Edele Lynch and Audley Harrison, Lauren sniffed that the media harangue her because of her weight and appearance.

It was left to Strictly dancer James to warn Lauren: ‘I know you’re a good person. When you’ve got that s**t in you, you become different.’

It’s not the first time Lauren has ruffled feathers after a drink – or five – in and out of the CBB house. We chart her top drunken frolics over the years:

Peeing in the CBB pool
No one wants to feel the wrath of Big Brother, especially when you’ve just embarrassed yourself on national telly. Big Brother told her off for her immature behaviour after drunkenly urinating in the outdoor pool. Oh, Lauren

Throwing Mark Wright in a pool
The series two finale of TOWIE, back in 2011, featured a dramatic spat between Lauren and her on-off boyfriend at the time, Mark Wright. We know champagne brings out the silly in us but chucking him, fully clothed, into a swimming pool was a push too far.

Flashing her boobs
What is it with Lauren and swimming pools? In another embarrassing feat after peeing in the outdoor pool on Celebrity Big Brother, she ‘accidentally’ kept flashing as her straps fell down in the pool. ‘Don’t worry Lauren you’ve got lovely t***,’ George Gilbey said.

Falling out of clubs
Exiting Essex haunt Funky Mojoe in 2012 Lauren had to be helped up by Amanda Harrington before the pair snogged for the cameras. See also: Inside Soap Awards 2013.

Inappropriate bedroom antics
Describing Lauren‘s drunken CBB behavior, James said: ‘She tried to jump into bed with me last night in her G-string and I was straight out the door.’ Oops, Lauren. Oops.

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