Odds on Damian Lewis being the next James Bond have been slashed to 3/1.. here's why we think he'll be amazing

We’re super excited at the news that Damian Lewis could be replacing Daniel Craig as James Bond.

Bookies have slashed the odds on the Homeland actor taking up the iconic role following a string of bets and William Hill is now offering 3/1 odds on Lewis playing Bond – down from 25/1 – as Daniel Craig is widely thought to be stepping down.

Lewis is now second only to The Wire star Idris Elba, whose odds currently stand at 5/2.

Elba is followed by action-movie staples Tom Hardy’s on 4/1, Henry Cavill with 5/1, and Michael Fassbender with 7/1.

He joked in an interview with The Telegraph in 2013 that Bond’s Scottish heritage has ‘paved the way perfectly for a red-headed Bond’. And he’s not wrong.

Here are five reasons why we reckon Damian Lewis would make a bad ass Bond.

  1. He has that brooding evil shiz down pat. Remember him trying to blow up the president in Homeland as Nick Brody? Chilling peeps!
  2. Damian is actually a proper English gent so he’s hugely well suited to play the most iconic British man in fiction, ever (barring Sherlock Holmes of course and Benedict Cumberbatch has already nabbed that..) An old Etonian he proved his mettle wearing a top hat and tails at Royal Ascot this week along with crazy facial hair he’s grown for his West End role in American Buffalo.
  1. He is ginger and we need a ginger Bond yo! No denying redheads have never been more in vogue than they are now. From Florence Welch to Lily Cole to Eddie Redmayne to Prince Harry to Jessica Chastain carrot-tops are so cool right now.
  1. He’s a family man. His fame may have reached dizzying new heights but Lewis is a family man at heart, more happy in the company of his wife Helen McCrory and their two children, Manon and Gulliver. So, he’s ready for the madness being 007 will bring.
  1. He’s funny. As he proved on his stints presenting Have I Got News For You Damian can really bring a lot of LOLs – witty and intelligent and exactly want we want from our Bond.

We reckon that’s case settled really isn’t it? Make it happen please whoever the man or woman is who can…

by Sofia Zagzoule