He's hot, she's gorgeous - here are our top 5 reasons we think Zita / Rayn should be a thing...

Their L.A. dinner ‘date’ may well have been organised by their management team but that didn’t stop the rumour mill going into overdrive wondering just if Rita Ora and Zayn Malik really could be dating. Personally we think they’d make a great pair and here’s 5 reasons why.

1)    They share the X Factor
If they did start dating Zayn could be on hand to help Rita in her role as X Factor judge. He found fame on the show so he knows the ropes and he’d be a great addition to judges’ houses. Although we envision his commentary would consist of aloof and incoherent grunts. He is going through his awkward stage after all.

2)    And the ex-factor too
Both Rita and Zayn have had their fair share of messy, public break-ups. Earlier this year Zayn shocked fans by ditching fiancé Perrie Edwards ending a rather rocky three-year relationship. Meanwhile Rita broke up with Ricky Hilfiger earlier this year but has also had relationships with Calvin Harris and Rob Kardashian – neither of which appeared to have ended amicably. We think Rita and Zayn would be a good match because they’re both fierce and fiery neither would take any c*** from the other – we dig that.



3)    A match made in style heaven
Neither Rita nor Zayn are afraid to rock a new look or try out an unusual style. They could become fashion’s hottest power couple taking over FROWs with their matching bleach blonde hair  and quirky dress sense. They could start their own clothing line – Rayn or Zita perhaps?

4)    She already fancies him
Rita has previously admitted that she thinks Zayn is super hot. Who doesn’t eh? In and interview she said: ‘Zayn, he’s gorgeous, but, I just…”That can’t happen. We’re on the same management team, too close to that. But no, he’s great.’ Does the lady protest too much? We think so.

5)    We’re worried about Zayn
Since leaving One Direction and breaking up with Perrie we’re a little worried about Zayn and think Rita could be just the person to lift his spirits and stop him from doing anything silly. She’s well connected, she has a good circle of friends around her and is just slightly older and a little wiser.

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