Beyonce and Jay Z hung out with Prince William and Kate Middleton at a basketball game

Our eyes nearly popped out of our heads when we saw the brilliant pics of Prince William and Kate Middleton hanging out courtside at a basketball game with Beyonce and Jay Z. Wow, never thought that would happen. So what on earth could the two couples from two very different walks of life have been talking about at the Brooklyn Nets vs Cleveland Cavaliers game in Brooklyn, New York?

Here, we hazard a guess.

1. ‘Wassup, cuz!’
Yep, really. Queen Bey and the Duchess of Cambridge are meant to be related.
Records show that Prince George‘s23rd cousin twice-removed is Blue Ivy Carter, the daughter of musical couple Beyonc√© Knowles and Sean Carter aka Jay Z. It’s through Blue Ivy‘srelation to the Queen, through French royal heritage.
So it really was a family reunion!

2. ‘If ever you need a babysitter . . .’
Prince Wills and Kate may be enjoying a few, very rare child-free days without their eldest Prince George, but it doesn’t stop Bey and Jay offering to babysit for them next time they are in town. What could be better than a playdate for Blue Ivy, considering Kim Kardashian and Kanye West‘s kid North West lives right across town. . . (well in LA). Oops, hope this doesn’t inspire another jealous rant from Yeezuz.

3. ‘Want free concert tickets?’

Talk about killing two birds…
What’s the point of having Jay Z as your buddy if you can’t blag free concert tickets? And let’s face it, the dude is connected. Not only could he hook the Prince up with all-access passes at all of his gigs – but he’s the richest man in rap, with his own record label and an artist roster boasting stars from Rihanna to Rita Ora. So in layman’s terms, Wills is sorted!

4. Fancy a tour of the palace?
Come over to my crib! With Bey and Jay taking some much-needed time out in 2015 to recuperate, travel and think about adding to their brood, they are set to be spending some time in France as a family. It’s only a short train ride away from Blighty, so if they ever fancy a spot of high tea at Kensington Palace they should just WhatsApp them.

5. How’s that morning sickness treating you?
Forget about the ball game, all Bey and Kate can wait to discuss is their babies.
No doubt Bey would have useful tips on combating the dreaded morning sickness, as well as warning Kate about what to expect with the terrible twos! All fun and, erm, games we’re sure.

Sarah Tetteh