She's single and VERY ready to mingle...

She’s the only single lady on the X Factor judging panel and it seems that Rita Ora is more than happy to use her position of power to flirt up a storm with the hot male hopefuls. Who can blame her? This year has thrown up some of the fittest young men for years so why shouldn’t Rita get first dibs? To be honest we’re pretty in awe of Rita’s skills here’s five reasons why…

1) She’s forward

When supermarket shelf stacker Brodie Kelly arrived on stage we couldn’t help but notice just how cute he is. Rita wasted no time in finding out exactly where he worked (Waitrose in Bedfordshire, FYI) telling him: ‘I’ll meet you there.’ Direct and to the point Rita wastes no time beating around the bush. You go girl.

2) Hammin’ it up

We all know that the way to a man’s heart can often be through his stomach, but it seems that Rita also enjoys incorporating food, or at least a description of food, into her flirting repertoire. She told 25 year old Ben Clarke: ‘You’re obviously an attractive young man. It’s like your voice has been baked really well, it’s like a really good smoked ham.’ Mmmm ham.

3) Age appropriate

When boyband Sunday Club arrived on stage Rita was quick to find a common ground with the gorgeous members of the group. Turns out that Lewis Cambridge, Jake Birnie and Seb Kinder are all 24 – the same age as Rita. Seems that’s all it takes to attract Rita’s interest. That and the fact all three boys are pretty hot to boot.

4) Flattery

Everyone loves a little praise now and then and Rita certainly isn’t shy about paying a boy a compliment. School teacher Joe Waller was lucky enough to be on the receiving end of Rita’s charm when she told him: ‘Thanks for making my eyes light up and thanks for making me smile.’ Sadly it looks like a romance with Joe looks unlikely as the hotty has already quit the show. Booo

5) She’s inclusive

An episode of Xtra Factor revealed that Rita once tried to get off with her fellow judge nick Grimshaw. Rita explained how the pair were at Glastonbury watching the Rolling Stones when Rita tried to kiss Grimmy. Sadly he wasn’t up for it but she didn’t even seem fazed. Love it.

We do hope Rita gets the boys. Now that would make some fiery TV.