The TOWIE lovebirds are MEANT to be

It looks like Jessica Wright and Pete ‘Pirate’ Wicks might finally be getting together on TOWIE – after several series’ worth of flirting, and one initial round of failed dating. So we’ve put together just why they make the PERFECT couple. Because they do, and we’re all made up for them.

Go on guys, make it official.

1. They’ve got crazy chemistry
Neither can stop from smiling and Jess’s eyes truly light up when she’s around Pete (as would ours…). Jess is the type of lass who takes a while to open up to guys, but she’s immediately all smiles with Pete. And that’s the kind of chemistry you can’t fake. Aww.


2. They’re both flipping gorgeous
The pair look amazing together, and while we all know it’s personally which rules in the dating world, the fact that they both look like, er, THAT isn’t going to hinder things. With genes like that, just IMAGINE the babies. They’d be all pouty, with dark hair. Cute or what?

3. She asked HIM out
And that takes some guts! In last night’s episode, Pete asked:
‘So, Jess, are you asking me out on a date?’
‘I guess I am,’ she replied. And a nation’s hearts melted.


4. They’ve had some space to think
The last time the pair dated, visiting a vineyard together, it fizzled out. Now that Jess is feeling more ready for a relationship, she’s in the right headspace – and has apologised to Pete for, as they’d say in Essex, mugging him off. ‘First and foremost I just want to say a massive apology. I absolutely owe you one after the vineyard,’ she said last night.

5. Jess is ready for a relationship now
… and we all know the worst thing you can do, love-wise, is rush into something when you’re not ready. Now Jess feels like she can go in full steam ahead, perhaps this relationship will go further than her last, rather lukewarm dalliance with Dan Edgar – who rather meanly suggested that she’s only fun when she’s had a drink. Erm, nice.

6. They go ice skating on their first (well, second) date. THIS IS A RECIPE FOR SUCCESS.
Remember going ice-skating with that boy you liked in school? It’s SO totally year nine, but swoonsome all the same. Hand-holding, waist grabbing, and chips at the end. We reckon it’s a timeless, classic date and the perfect choice for Jess and Pete to get close – so it’s pretty apt that they’ve been filmed ice skating for the next episode. Awww. Aside from the falling on your bum part. That bruisey bit is never fun.

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