Our fave 90s TV show The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air could be making a comeback and we’re excited


Prepare yourself for some amazing news – Will Smith is reportedly in talks to reboot The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air, the hit 90s show that made him a star.

Yep, rumours have been circulating that Will, 46, might be in talks to bring back the series but with a bit of a new vibe. Will would produce the show, which would be a present-day version with a new cast yet would maintain the whole ‘fish out of water’ vibe, according to reports.

Before we all get TOO excited though, other sources suggest that the project isn’t actually a Fresh Prince reboot but is just a show with a kind of similar premise. Sob…

We’re REALLY hoping that the former is true though and that Will IS reviving his old series. Here’s six reasons why we totally want Fresh Prince back on our screens…

The theme tune

Okay, so it might be a ‘revamped’ version of the show but there is NO way that they could bring it back without the legendary theme tune. Will wrote and performed the catchy track and the music was composed by none other than Quincy Jones, and it was only the best blimmin’ theme tune EVER. All together now: ‘This is a story all about how my life got flipped-turned upside down…’

The family vibes

Fresh Prince told the story of how Will went to live with his privileged auntie and uncle and their three children in the affluent Bel-Air neighbourhood in Los Angeles. The dynamics between the clan were a massive part of the show and we think it’s about time we had another family sitcom like this.

The Carlton dance

Who wouldn’t want to bring this back?! Alfonso Ribeiro will forever be associated with his character Carlton Banks’ wild dancing to the Tom Jones tune It’s Not Unusual and we’d definitely launch some sort of protest if there wasn’t a nod to this in the rebooted series. Alfonso would probably be happy to do it again too – just last year he proved he’s still got the moves by winning Dancing With The Stars, the US version of Strictly.

The emosh bits

Whilst Fresh Prince had plenty of LOL moments, there were also those bits where things got pretty emotional and we had to look away because there was something in our eye. Remember when Will’s dad let him down after planning to go on a trip with him and then Will cried? We’re welling up just thinking about it…

The guest stars

Fresh Prince had some awesome guest stars throughout its six series, from boxer Evander Holyfield and model Tyra Banks to all-round legends Oprah Winfrey and Tom Jones. Imagine all the contacts Will could pull in these days now that he’s a huge Hollywood star ’n all? It would be AMAZE.

The nostalgia-fest

Loads of our old favourite shows are making a return, from Twin Peaks to Full House, so we definitely need Fresh Prince back to add to the all-round nostalgia-fest that’s coming our way. Get it sorted, Will!

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