The UK would be a fun place if this TOWIE fella ran it…

TOWIE favourite Joey Essex has shed some light on what exactly would happen if he was elected as UK Prime Minister.

We can tell you right now, that we’re kinda wishing Joey’s name was going to be on our ballot paper…

Although he’s always come across as a little ditzy, Joey‘s developed a new-found knowledge of politics after filming his new election show, Educating Joey Essex; General Election What You Saying?, which airs tomorrow evening on ITV2.

So if Joey was to become PM, what exactly would our country be like?

From extra bank holidays to a VERY colourful 10 Downing Street, THIS is the UK under Joey Essex‘s rule…

1. July 29; Joey Essex day!

Everyone loves a day off work, including Joey...

‘My best policy would be, I’d make like a sick day. Cos you’ve got Christmas, and Easter, and all of these things, but 29th of July is my birthday, and 29th July would be a sick day. I don’t know what I’d call it – Joey Essex day or something,’ revealed Mr Essex, adding:

‘It would be mental. Presents and parties everywhere!’

2. Twenty-four hour supermarket deliveries

Talking about his recent tip to Dubai, Joey revealed the one thing that really caught his attention.

‘In Dubai, they do this thing – 24 hour supermarkets so if you wanted toothpaste, toothpaste comes to your door in five minutes,’ gushed an excited Joey.

‘I might end up doing it -Joey supermarkets! I’d make fortunes,’ he added.

Champagne deliveries in the middle of the night? We’re in!

3. A Downing Street revamp!

Obviously if Joey was elected as PM, he’d have to up sticks and move to 10 Downing Street. But how would he jazz it up?

‘Probably make it more like the world. It doesn’t really fit in with part of the street does it? Parking control, gates – I think it’d look incredible with like yellow and orange and that,’ explained Joe.


Serious stuff would get sorted…somehow

It’s not all colourful walls and late-night shopping. Joey would need to deal with some of the UK’s issues too.

Joey admitted: ‘I learned that the NHS needs a bit more help I suppose. Immigration, again, same thing. I don’t really know what I’d say to do about it cos again, I don’t know all the ins and outs of all the leaders and parties. I don’t really know how to help them.’


5. No more traffic cops

We can certainly get on board with this!

‘I’d get rid of traffic wardens, and maybe to get like cameras to do like their job,’ revealed Joey who reckons that the UK could save money by swapping humans for cameras.

6. Slow-speeding cameras

Do you love strolling casually through the supermarket? Avid window shopper?

Erm, think again guys. Under Joey‘s rule, slow walkers would get seriously penalized.

‘I would put in slow-speeding cameras in shopping centre – it drives me mad. I’d put in lanes and that – that’d be sick,’ explained Joe.

Slow walkers would be given a fine and there’d be a special lane for families and old-grannies.

‘Over-taking lanes too – it’d be sick won’t it,’ laughed Joey.

Erm, yeah actually it would!

Tune in to Educating Joey Essex; General Election What You Saying?, on Tuesday at 9pm on ITV2

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