Remember the time when Coleen Nolan enraged Loose Women viewers by comparing gay rights to ISIS? Yep, that happened!


Coleen Nolan is already a bit like Marmite when it comes to her appearing on Celebrity Big Brother and, as she enters the famous house again, it got us thinking of all those times the 51-year-old has sparked outrage across the UK.

Here’s 6 of the most shocking TV confessions from the Loose Women panelist …

1. When she appeared to compare gay rights to supporters of the terrorist group, ISIS

The star was discussing a court case in Ireland that saw the Ashers Baking Company taken to court and found guilty of discrimination for refusing to make a gay marriage cake.

The court found the Christian-owned bakers guilty of discrimination for refusing to make a cake carrying a pro gay slogan. The Belfast-based firm said they would not make a Sesame Street cake which celebrated gay marriage, because it conflicted with the owners’ religious beliefs.

Coleen defended the bakery saying: ‘What about if somebody walked in and said, “I want a cake and I want the whole Islamic State on it and how I support it and how I support them killing our people?” Because it’s a business do they have to make it? And if they turn around and say they’re not making it, we’d all applaud it.’

Members of the public were outraged and called for bosses to fire Coleen from Loose Women.

One Twitter user hit back: @NolanColeen Your comment comparing supporting gay rights with ISIS is so offensive, I feel you should issue a public apology,’ one angered viewer wrote. ‘It is not illegal to be gay. It IS illegal to discriminate.ISIS kill innocent people in sickening ways. Gay people want equality.’

2. When she said she wouldn’t mind if her 15-year-old son slept with prostitutes

In 2005 she infuriated her ex-husband Shane Ritchie by announcing on Loose Women that she would rather their son, Shane Jr, who was 15 at the time, sleep with a prostitute in Amsterdam, ‘and used a condom, than s**g four girls in Ibiza with no protection.’


3. When she stated gay people shouldn’t be allowed to adopt

In January 2007, Coleen courted further controversy when, during a debate on Loose Women about gay adoption, she stated that gay people should not be allowed to adopt children and said that ‘there’s only so much I want to accept.’

4. She listened to her son have sex

In 2014 she revealed she once listened to Shane Jr having sex for more than four minutes and was ‘dead impressed.’ To make matters worse, she added: ‘When he came round I played it for him and his girlfriend. I had to embarrass him.’ Enough already!


5. Sex advice for Rixton

OK, this is rather sensible, but no doubt it shocked the younger generation!

Youngest son Jake Roche, 23, who is boyband Rixton’s frontman and used to date Little Mix’s Jesy Nelson, revealed to the Daily Mirror in 2015 how Coleen regularly gives him and his bandmates advice about the state of their sexual health and girlfriends.