The Coronation Street star, 31, chats to us about life on the street

Hey Sam! What’s happening with you character Adam Barlow at the moment?

Adam takes a shine to Rosie Webster and then discovers that she’s got some drama going on behind the scenes with drugs. He tries to play it as if he’s helping her out but actually he’s hoping to help himself out by making some money. Happily ever after, not!

How has it been working with Helen Flanagan now that’s back on Corrie?

She’s great. She’s a kooky girl and we have a lot of fun on set. We’ve got into a nice little groove.

You’ve been back on Corrie for a while now. Has it been settling back in?

It’s been a weird one because I’m in Manchester during the week and then I travel back home to London at the weekend. I’m hoping to move to Manchester soon and then I can start going out for drinks at the weekend with everyone.


How are you finding it playing Adam?

I love it. It’s a different concept in TV, working on a soap. There’s no beginning, middle and end. I’ve been trying to suss Adam out as a character and really get a feel for him. I’ve felt comfortable playing Adam a lot more quickly than I thought I would. He’s a weird one – sometimes he’s nice, and sometimes he’s a right nasty bastard!

Sam on Celebrity Big Brother

Is it more fun playing a baddie?

Yes it is! I try to make sure the balance on screen is right and that’s the most important thing. He’s not bad <all> the time.

Do you get people coming up to you in the street and talking to you as if you are actually Adam? 

I do, but so far people have been quite nice to me, which is good. But with my new storylines with Rosie and the drugs, I might be getting a different reaction…

Do you get a lot of attention from the ladies?

I always get attention from the ladies, come on! I’m joking. I’ve been hibernating because it’s winter, but maybe being on telly will hope with pulling when it gets to summer.

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