Because sometimes just yelling, 'I'm A Celebrity' doesn't make you famous

Paul Fogherty.

Let’s try again. Paul Fogherty.

Still nothing?

Apparently, Paul Fogherty is a superbike champion. No, we don’t know what a superbike champion is either. 

It doesn’t have the same ring to it as say, Jennifer Lawrence or Kim Kardashian, does it?

But apparently Paul Fogherty qualifies as being famous enough to entertain us by choking back whichetty grubs and kangaroo testicles, or spending a night in a den of snakes while mysterious people lurking in the shadows periodically dump buckets of cockroaches on your head.

Because although Kim Kardashian would share pictures of her greasy naked body with the entire world, she wouldn’t stoop so slow as to spend a fortnight being caked in Australian jungle mud. Why not Kim? It would be just like a trip to the spa!

It seems it’s getting harder and harder to convince celebrities that being tortured by the general public will be beneficial to their careers and never has scraping the bottom of the Z-lister barrel been more apparent than this year.  

Then again, it’s definitely safer to be a non-celeb in the jungle – because it’s the ones we know best who seem to get voted to perform challenge after challenge. Poor Katie Price!

And after watching the contestants bonding in a bath of rotten fish and starving from lack of caviar, us viewers begin to care for them… even if we didn’t know who they were the week before.

Few of us had heard of Kayla Collins before she appeared on I’m A Celebrity. She turned out to be as sweet as Amercian apple pie!

If you hadn’t paid attention to the recent mayoral elections in London, you might not have understood why Liberal Democrat Brian Paddick was on your television set. But there was something oddly captivating about watching Brian being strapped to a bed and rotated on a spit over fake flames. Just us?

And who knew celeb hairstylist Lee Stafford was married, let alone to the gorgeous Jessica-Jane Clement.

So don’t worry, Nadia Forde – we’ll soon know who you are! But we’ll forget you by January. Soz!

Click through the gallery above to see the most obscure jungle dweller.

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