As Cristian Ronaldo buys his manager a Greek island in honour of his wedding day (really), here's seven equally lavish wedding gifts received by the A-list

For most of us, buying a wedding gift consists of a quick trip to John Lewis where we inevitably spend hours weighing up the pros and cons of a shiny set of steak knives versus a Cath Kidston tea cosy, before finally settling on a gift voucher so the happy couple can ‘get what they really want’.

But when it comes to celebrities, they laugh in the face of your gift vouchers.

For the rich and famous, money is no object in finding the perfect present to mark their friend – or even their own – big day, at the same time showing off just how much cash they have to spare (clue: LOTS).

Take, for example, Cristiano Ronaldo. Earlier this month the slick-haired footballer bought his manager his very own Greek Island as a wedding gift. That’s right: HE GIFTED AN ENTIRE ISLAND. Sure.

On a slightly less ridiculous (yet no less extravagant) note, Boyzone star Ronan Keating can be found gushing in the latest issue of Hello! about how new wife Storm Uechtritz  gave him a customised Land Rover just after they were married last week.

Describing it as the best gift ever, Ro said: ‘I’ve had a couple of them over the years but nothing like this one. She has customised it exactly how I would have done it myself – she knows me so well.’

And it’s not just these guys – check out our list of the most ridiculously extravagant celebrity wedding gifts EVER below…

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt: Vintage Watch

When Ange finally got hitched to long-term love Brad Pitt last year, the Oscar-winning actress reportedly gave her new husband a vintage watch worth $3 million. How Jolie nice of her!

George Farrugia, who runs a jewellery shop on the island of Gozo near Malta, where the couple were filming new movie By The Sea when they married, claimed he inscribed the 1952 Patek Philippe platinum chronometer with the words ‘To Roly from Nessa’ – the names of their characters in the film – on the back of the mega-bucks timepiece.

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes: Private Jet

If the whole jumping up and down on Oprah’s sofa episode didn’t convince you that Hollywood star really liked third wife Katie Holmes, then his wedding gift to the Dawson’s Creek actress should.

The Mission: Impossible star gifted his new wife a Gulfstream IV private jet, worth a cool $36,000,000 (£23,600,000), complete with a a crew of two and room for up to 19 passengers,

After receiving the extravagant gift, Katie reportedly joked: ‘It’s like a bus, only quicker.’

Prince Charles and Princess Diana: Diamond Boat

It’s perhaps no surprise to discover that Diana’s wedding to Prince Charles resulted in some pretty £££ presents, with perhaps the most bling of all coming from the Emir of Bahrain, who gave the newlywed couple a diamond-encrusted boat worth just shy of $1 million. Not an actual boat, just a MODEL boat, so she couldn’t even sail in it.

Other gifts at the 1981 royal wedding included a room full of Canadian antique furniture, a diamond and platinum brooch for Diana, and 20 engraved silver platters.

Prince William and Kate Middleton: World’s Most Expensive Perfume

Thirty years later and Charles and Diana’s son, Prince William, received his own swanky wedding present.

To commemorate William’s wedding to Kate Middleton, perfumer Clive Christian presented Wills and Kate with his and hers bottles of the world’s most expensive perfume: Clive Christian No. 1. Dubbed the ‘Imperial Majesty Edition,’ the bottles were decorated with 24-carat gold and 5-carat diamonds, whilst the scent itself is made from ingredients that cost $2,350 (£1,900) per ounce – so we hope they keep it for special occasions like we do with our most expensive scent.

Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries/Kanye West: Ferrari and Portrait

When Kim married her second husband, Kris Humphries, the couple received many expensive gifts, including a $325,000 Ferrari from a Malaysian businessman. We bet he wasn’t exactly chuffed when she filed for divorce just 72 days later!

And when the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star wed Kanye West three years later, she received a rather more unusual present from her new hubby – a specially-commissioned, five-figure nude portrait of herself called ‘Perfect B*tch’. Lucky gal!

Keira Knightley and James Righton: Really Old Olive Tree

At $5,000, the gift Keria’s rock star husband bought her to mark their 2013 wedding wasn’t exactly cheap – but it was definitely sweet!

The Klaxons star splashed out on 100-year-old olive tree, which he carved with their initials. Aww! The tree is now planted in the grounds of Keria’s French farmhouse so it can continue to grow – just like their love.

Kate Moss and Jamie Hince: Crystal Ashtrays

Their marriage may be rumoured to be on the rocks, but back when model Kate rocker Jamie were planning their 2011 wedding, they issued a lavish gift list that included a £6,600 silk rug, £5,000 cutlery service, a £4,600 mirror, a £4,750 cocktail set and crates of Cristal Champagne at £1,833 each.

But perhaps the most rock ‘n’ roll request came in the form of 14 crystal ashtrays from high-end London retailer Talisman, costing £240 each!