After being snapped together and rumours of flirting going on with Dumfries-born Calvin Harris and Nashville-born Taylor Swift, we think they could be a match made in heaven!

STOP EVERYTHING YOU ARE DOING! Because there is potentially a very, VERY hot new couple on the scene! None other than Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift.

Following weeks of rumours that a romance was blossoming – after Cavin broken up with his girlfriend of seven months, Aarika Wolf – him and Tay have been seen out together in her hometown Nashville! And doing a VERY coupley thing, shopping in Whole Foods.

Talk that love was in the air started when the two were seen getting very close after the Brit Awards in February.

And since then we can’t help thinking that, actually…Could this be the hottest couple in showbiz? Here’s 7 reasons why we think this…

1. They’d be modern music’s power couple
She’s the Queen of Pop and third highest-earning celebrity under 30 in the entire world. He’s the King of Dance and highest-paid DJ in the entire world. Together, they could make music history.

2. The chemistry is already insane
As two of the most genetically-blessed stars on the planet, it’s no wonder Calvin was seen being “touchy-feely” and flirting with her a Brit Awards after-party last month. And Taylor flew out to Vegas last weekend to see him DJ. Insiders said there is ‘definite chemistry’ between them. No kidding.

3. They both love cats
In 2009 Calvin revealed that he’d been spoiling his cat George so much that he had to put the beloved pet on a diet. And you’ve only to look at Taylor’s Instagram feed full of moggy pics are up there to realize her obsession. She’s also said, ‘All I think about are metaphors and cats.’

4. They already have the same mates
You know how hard it can be at the start of a relationship meeting your other halves mates. The tension, the nerves, the fear they won’t like you. Not here. One of Taylor’s (many) celebrity BFFs, Ellie Goulding, is a long-time chum of Calv. She’d make the perfect wedding singer.

5. He’s totally crushing on her already
Calv has made no secret of his admiration for the Shake it Off singer. ‘I’d love to work with Taylor Swift, she’s an amazing songwriter with all that Nashville training,’ he’s said. Crush!

6. They’re both totally down with dating celebrities
His ex is Rita Ora, she’s dated, well, you know. So, they’re both used to not only being in the limelight, but dating someone in the limelight, too. And if they split up, there would be two amazing heartbreak albums.

7. Physically, they are perfect
Have you noticed how Taylor, 25 and Calvin, 30, kind of having the same face? Not only that, he’s a strapping 6’5 whilst she’s a supermodel-esque 5’11. And as he’s recently shed his clothes to model for Amarni underwear, she’s reportedly insured her most valuable asset after her guitar – her legs – for a reported £26.5m. These guys.

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