Kate Middleton and Prince William's son has totally got this older sibling lark nailed down

As the world eagerly awaits the arrival of royal baby number two, let’s take a moment to reflect on Prince George‘s role in all of this.

Kate Middleton and Prince William‘s first son – who made his own low-key (not) entrance into the world in July 2013 – will become a doting big brother to the new tot. And from what we’ve seen of the 21-month-old, we think he’s going to be pretty awesome at being an older sibling.

Here’s 7 wonderful reasons why George is going to be the best big brother, like, ever.

1. He can give good royal baby advice

George‘s birth on 22 July 2013 was one of the most momentous days in the history of the royal family, but the third in line to the throne became one of the most talked about people in the world long before he actually arrived. In fact it was right from the moment his presence in his mum’s tum was announced that George was being talked about across the globe, so it’s fair to say that he’s already had lots of experience of the royal baby hype. This will surely come in handy when it comes to passing on advice to his younger sibling, the new royal tot on the block.

2. He’s well-travelled

He might not even be two years old yet but our George is a man of the world. At just nine months of age George was off touring Australia and New Zealand with his mum and dad, so he’ll be able to share his cultural knowledge with his brother or sister.

3. He’s learned from the best (i.e. Prince Harry)

Lucky George has got a pretty cool uncle in the form of Prince Harry. Shortly after the little fella’s birth back in 2013, Harry said that he’d make sure George had fun during his upbringing and we think George will be able to pass this on to the new arrival.

4. He’s got some great hand-me-downs to give

It’s fair to say that George isn’t short of anything – the young Prince has received A LOT of gifts from well-wishers during his time on this earth. Royal baby number two can definitely expect some top-notch hand-me-down dungarees from their big bro. Which leads nicely onto…

5. He’s got awesome toys

Have you SEEN some of the toys George has racked up? Even we’re jealous of them (and we’re probably a bit too big to play now… in public at least). Kate and Wills have been given all sorts of cool things for their son, from a mini balance bike at a motorcycle show to lots of teddies and even a giant inflatable duck. Let’s hope George will share his awesome collection with his sibling.

6. He’s not afraid to step in

Remember how George proved himself to be quite the character during his trip Down Under last year? The Prince showed that he’s not afraid to get involved in a situation and quite happily interacted with other babies on a playdate. He also put his foot down when he wasn’t impressed (the moment he threw a gifted toy Bilby to the ground still makes us LOL). If this is anything to go by, George will definitely be able to stand up for his little brother or sister.

7. He’s always entertaining

As our recollections of his legendary Oz tour testify, Prince George is certainly an entertaining fellow. We think royal baby number two will have lots of fun watching the antics of their older bro. George, you’ve totally got this big brother lark nailed down.

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