Yay! James 'Arg' Argent is back on TOWIE and we are thrilled!

TOWIE is back on
our screens for a 14th series but it hasn’t been the same without one of our
favourite Essex lads, James ‘Arg’ Argent.

Lucky that he’s
coming back then, eh?! Yes, you DID read that right! Reports claim that Arg
should be making an appearance on Wednesday night’s show, the second episode
from this new series.

The 27-year-old
was suspended from the show last year after his life spiraled out of control.
‘When TOWIE got so big, all of a sudden people knew who I was, I was getting invited to places, I was making money and girls were throwing themselves at me,’ Arg exclusively told Now. ‘Gradually, I started to feel really bad about myself. I wanted to be back with Lydia [Bright], but everyone told me it wasn’t going to happen. So I’d just go and get off my head.’

Thankfully, after checking himself into rehab Arg has sorted it all out and is nowon the straight and narrow. So, TOWIE bosses have apparently lifted his ban. Yipee!

At Now, we are
super happy that James is returning to the show. In fact, we’re so chuffed, we
just had to reel off why…

1. Arg is LOVEABLE

C’mon… that smile,
those dark eyes and chubby cheeks. Yes, Arg is adorable, even if his recent
wild-ways have been a tad outrageous.

2. He deserves a
second chance

No-one’s perfect.
Arg has battled his way up from rock bottom and deserves to be back on the
show. We’re hoping that happy chappy we first fell in love with those years ago is back.

3. The laddish joker
NEEDS to make a return

After TOWIE’s
drama-filled first episode on Sunday, we’re desperately in need of a adorable, giggling Arg
to lift the mood. Whilst we love Ricky Rayment, Elliot Wright and Charlie Sims,
absence was severely missed. We’re craving some lightheartedness. Maybe some Frank Sinatra numbers too?

4. He COULD reconcile
with Lydia?

Despite Lydia
 supposedly dating a new fella, and flaunting her new romance ALL over
Instagram, we’re secretly hoping that Arg and Lydia will reconcile in a
happy-ever-after style scenario. After all, Lydia is the ‘love’ of Arg’s life. Fingers crossed!

5. And he COULD sort
out Lydia’s stirring…

Seriously. Lydia,
25, was definitely the show’s big-mouth on Sunday evening. Relaying gossip from
one gal to another, she didn’t exactly sport the attitude of a sisterhood
devotee. Maybe Arg could distract Lydia from all this stirring…eeek.

6. He’s an original

Yup, Arg has been
there from the beginning. He started on TOWIE back in 2010, appearing as
Lydia’s boyfriend in series one. What would TOWIE be without him!? Awful,
that’s what.

7. We’d missed his dickie bows!

Arg wasn’t exactly the most fashionable TOWIE cast-member. But what he did wear offered more LOLs than watching Joey Essex wearing trainers too small for him and there being more body-con dresses than we could shake a stick at. From pink suits to
cheesy Christmas jumpers, James has made regular fashion faux-pas but we love him for it all the same.

Bascially, Arg, we CAN’T wait to have you back!

Tune into TOWIE on
Wednesday night at 10pm on ITVBe. 

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