The rugby world cup is about to kick off! So here are 7 things that will make you love the England team captain, Chris Robshaw, even more

It’s an exciting time for all of us! For hardcore rugby fans it’s time to start celebrating the beginning of the Rugby World Cup. For the players, it’s time to get in gear and switch on their competitive side. And for the rest of us, well, it’s just nice to look at the tough, buff rugby men in their shorts isn’t it?

However, for Chris Robshaw, 29, the captain of the England National Team, it’s time to knuckle down, take charge of the team and prepare for a serious amount of pressure. But exactly who is Chris Robshaw? Is he merely a huge giant who tackles other huge giants to the ground to chase a ball? No. He’s much more than that.


Here are 8 things you need to know about this rugby hero!

1. He’s a proper mummy’s boy

Chris is the first to admit how much he loves his mum. He even goes as far as to say his mum is his hero! He said: ‘She tends to be at all the games and particularly enjoys the pre-match picnics’. We can only imagine how much food is fit for a rugby player at a picnic – but it’s probably a bit more than just finger sandwiches and mini sausage rolls.

2. He collects rugby jerseys

Not only does he have to wear a rugby shirt pretty much every day of his life, Chris has a huge collection of different jerseys – and it’s evergrowing! He says he eventually would like a memorabilia room especially dedicated to them. Isn’t it adorable that he’s also a huge rugby fan as well as a player? We think so.

3. His nights out are no different than yours

You’d think a rugby captain’s night on the town would be full of sophistication, glamour and VIP bars right? Think again! Turns out Chris enjoys a perfectly regular night out in local pubs with a few beers. Not only that; he’s always calling up fellow rugby hotties James Haskell and Danny Care to join him because they love pulling good pranks on nights out. Can we come? Please!

4. He loves a good boxset!

Don’t worry, you’re not the only one who spent all weekend binge watching Netflx on the sofa in your PJs; because rugby players do too! Chris confessed: ‘When you’ve been on tour it’s nice to get back to the comforts of a boxset. I relax on the sofa with The Office or Modern Family.’

5. He has his own coffee shop

A businessman aswell as a sports icon; we are impressed! Chris opened his own coffee shop in Winchester in 2013 called ‘Black White Red’. He even took a course in barista skills to work on his hot beverage presentation and pops in every week to lend a helping hand. If you’re not a big fan of coffee, don’t fret, the upmarket cafe also serves wine – and everyone loves wine don’t they?

6. His girlfriend is a total catch

Chris’ girlfriend, Camilla Kerslake, is drop dead gorgeous – but she isn’t just a pretty face. She also happens to be an extremely talented classical singer, and is signed to Gary Barlow’s record label! Whoa! This couple certainly have one heck of a gene pool.

7. He’s multi-talented

It isn’t just ‘professional rugby player and England team captain’ written on Chris’ CV. He’s also had experience in stand-up comedy and he has even had acting classes! He belives it has helped him cope with public speaking and leadership. Is there anything he can’t do?

Let’s hope he is able to lead the England team to victory this Friday in their match against Fiji!

Alice Murray