Gemma Collins has only just started I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here and her TOWIE-esque tantrums already have us hooked

Shut the front, erm, celebrity slammer door – GC is in the jungle!

If we thought Gemma Collins threw some serious tantrums on TOWIE, we clearly hadn’t seen her in full-on diva mode.

Gemma did not take to the jungle well on her first night on I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here – in fact, she coped so badly there were panic attacks, crying and threats to leave ALREADY.


Here’s a list of the seven most hilarious things Gemma just could not handle on Sunday night’s I’m A Celeb

1. Hellicopter rides
‘I might become like Bear Grylls, you never know,’ she said.
Cut to scene of Gemma sobbing in a helicopter… That’s still on the ground.
‘I’m sh*tting myself!’ she screamed. ‘Can you stop a minute? I’m serious! I need to get out! I’m going to be sick! I’m not going in there, there’s no way!’

2. Common sayings
We all know the story of the tortoise and the hare. Well, Gemma thinks the classic tale applies to her jungle journey… In a round about way:
‘Some people need breaking in gently. Yeah alright, I cracked at the first hurdle. But it’s like the turtle and the slug or the horse and the rabbit… I can’t remember what it was. The slowest one won in the end.’

3. Walking
Admittedly, walking through the jungle is probably harder than getting down an Essex high street. But my God, did Gemma make it hard for herself.
‘I’ve been dropped off here, but to be honest with you, I don’t know where my camp mates are, I’m in the middle of the jungle and I’m terrified,’ she said, before falling flat on her backside and screaming ‘Look! A told ya!’
And apparently Gemma is so against walking, that it completely tipped her over the edge. ‘If I’m not in that camp in three minutes, I’m quitting. It’s too much! This whole thing is too much!’ she sobbed. Again. ‘It’s the worst thing I’ve done in my whole life. It’s a nightmare, I dunno why I’ve done it!’

4. Knowing about jungles
Now, we’re not exactly David Attenborough‘s right-hand man, but we know there’s something wrong with this sentence…
‘There could be fricking anything here. Bloody lions, comodo dragons. How much more have I got to walk to get into this camp?!’

5. Heat
‘I’m just so hot. Will you just throw that water over me, babe? I feel like I’m gonna pass out, it ain’t no joke,’ moaned Gemma. Before screaming relentlessly when the shower water was cold…

6. Not being a diva
A week ago we’re sure we heard her tell Ferne McCann she’s earned her ‘divaship. I’m 33.’ Then in her pre-jungle video, Gemma appeared to have chnaged her tune saying: ‘It’s the most weirdest thing when people call me a celebrity… I’m just Gemma from Romford.’
Flash-forward to Gem throwing tantrums at everything in her heavily made-up eye-line. Err, diva alert!

7. Being alive
‘I am gonna die’, ‘I am going to kill myself’, ‘I’m thinking about how I’m going to kill myself’ – are just a few lines of Gemma‘s responses to not being given enough food. Emotionally stable as always, love.

We can only image what the next week will bring…

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