From Jamie Oliver being a shock guest to who got down on the dancefloor first, what really happened at YouTube superstar Zoella's magical launch event

If you’ve never heard of Zoella, where have you been hiding?

She’s only the biggest YouTube sensation who has more than 6 million followers who regularly tune in to hear her make-up and lifestyle tips.

She’s so famous in the YouTube world that fellow social media superstar Tyler Oakley flew all the way from America just to be at her launch party last night.

Now put on our finest and spent the evening getting to know the most famous people you’ve never heard off. Yet.

After building up an audience of millions while sat in her bedroom, Zoe Suggs, 24, has launched her very first range of beauty and pamper products, while subsequently making a huge step forward in bringing the online community into the mainstream media.

Here are 7 things we learnt from the #ZoellaBeauty launch party:

1. Jamie Oliver LOVES YouTube!

Being the only actual celebrity in attendance that didn’t start their career sat in front of a camera in their bedroom – Jamie was questionably the biggest fangirl at the party as he vlogged his way around the event with YouTuber Louis Cole (FunForLouis).

Getting down with the kids eh, Jamie?

2. The Obamas don’t do selfies!

Having flown in from LA just for the party, America’s biggest web celeb Tyler Oakley couldn’t help but dish the dirt on all his new celeb friends he’s been collaborating with lately.

‘I was so nervous! I couldn’t even bring myself to ask for a selfie!’ Tyler revealed whilst chatting about his recent video with Michelle Obama.

The lilac-haired vlogger also revealed that hitting up his new Twitter BFF Lindsay Lohan for tickets to her West End show is top of his list while he’s over in London. Jel!

3. #ZALFIE makes our hearts melt

Fresh from shutting down shopping centres up and down the country while signing copies of his debut book to his army of subscribers, Zoe‘s boyfriend and fellow YouTuber Alfie Dayes (PointlessBlog) decided to shut our hearts down instead after we spotted the pair smooching in the photobooth.

Which yes was adorable, and yes made us even more depressed we’re going to be forever single.

4. Pregnant Kangaroos aren’t the best conversation points

After landing their own award-winning BBC Radio One show, best friends Dan Howell and Phil Lester couldn’t help but LOL at the dramatic differences between talking into cameras in their bedrooms and talking live to the nation on the airwaves.

‘Sometimes we forget how many people are listening!’ the pair joked, as they recalled the time Phil took general chit chat onto the subject of pregnant kangaroos and various forms of mucus. How er, lovely?

5. Beyonce is QUEEN of everything

It’s always a little awkward at the start of a party isn’t it?

Do you sit? Do you stand? Where’s the bar? Are these drinks free? WAIT, WHAT, THE DRINKS ARE ACTUALLY FREE? Can I have 10? Why’s no one dancing?

Fashion and beauty blogger Louise Pentland, also known as SprinkleOfGlitter was having NONE of this.

The moment Beyonce came on she was up on her feet letting her inner-Sasha Fierce out while dragging Zoe up with her!

6. Zoella’s mission for WORLD DOMINATION!

Although Zoe‘s dreamy bath range may have only been on the shelves for a matter of hours, after chatting with the star prior to the event she’s already thinking about what she’d like to put her name to next!

‘I’d love to do a home range!’ she revealed. ‘I’m thinking funky lamps and bed sets and pillows. Or people can just get me round to do their houses up!’

Um, sounds amaze to us! 

If anyone reading this knows the old Changing Rooms TV crew, you need to send them round to Zoella‘s ASAP!

7. Tanya Burr looked totally Burr-fect in real life!

Beauty blogger Tanya Burr was also in attendance with her boyfriend/fellow YouTuber/man with a very nice face Jim Chapman. And the fashionista pair looked as loved up in real life as they do online. The feels!

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