We’ve got the lowdown on Lucy Watson’s new Made In Chelsea love

After several unsuccessful romances, has Made In Chelsea star Lucy Watson finally found lasting love with newbie James Dunmore?

It certainly looks like things are going well between the new couple. Lucy, 24, stepped out with James, 25, at the launch of the Moët Ice Impérial Big Summer Party Pop Up at London’s Madison Rooftop Bar on Tuesday night and they made a pretty gorgeous pair.

But just who is this James fella that Lucy seems so smitten with? We’ve got the lowdown on everything you need to know about Mr Dunmore

1. He’s friends with Lucy’s exs (and has even shared a hot tub with one)

Er, potentially awkward territory here. James is good mates with fellow MIC star Jamie Laing, aka Lucy’s ex-boyfriend. This doesn’t seem to have affected the boys’ friendship though – in fact they’re so close that they even jumped in a hot tub together recently with several other male friends and posed for an Instagram photo. Blimey.

2. He lives in the best house-share ever

James resides off the King’s Road in Fulham with his new MIC co-stars Elliot Cross and Josh ‘JP’ Patterson. As well as living in an amazing location, James is lucky in that his housemates are very supportive of him. JP has publicly backed James’ romance with Lucy, having Tweeted: ‘My man @dunmore_says and @imLucyWatson are such a good couple. If carlsberg did couples they’d do THAT’ Awww!

3. He’s on the verge of a new MIC bromance

We hope Elliot, JP and Jamie won’t get too jealous over the fact that James is fast forming a new bromance with MIC’s Stevie Johnson. Earlier this month Lucy’s fella made the first move when he Tweeted: ‘Man date @StevieJ_23?’
Stevie’s reply of ‘haha keen mate!’ caused the Made In Chelsea Twitter account to excitedly write: ‘#Bromance pending’ We hope so!

4. He doesn’t like fakeness

James recently told Now that he finds honesty to be the policy.
‘I wear my heart on my sleeve and I don’t hold back,’ he admitted. ‘I’d rather be honest and upfront. I hate fake drama and people overreacting over something minor.’
Guess who else is honest and upfront? Lucy, of course! This gives us high hopes for their budding romance.

5. He’s got a silly sense of humour

Being in the suave Chelsea set hasn’t stopped James from having a rather silly sense of humour. The cheeky Londoner couldn’t help having a giggle with his Instagram followers earlier this year when he prepared to board a Tube heading to Cockfosters.
‘Tube life #1 #ha #immature,’ he quipped after sharing a picture of the sign. LOLs.

6. He takes a lot of holidays

A quick scroll through James‘ Instagram page brings up endless photos from exotic trips, with recent destinations ranging from sunny Barbados to the scenic Val-d’Isère in southern France. Not that we’re jealous or anything…

7. He’s a bit of a babe

Well it has to be said, this James Dunmore chap is pretty easy on the eye. Even when he’s posting slightly scary selfies, the new MIC star STILL manages to look hot. And have you SEEN him rocking a suit? Lucky Lucy, we say!