Meet Ruby Rose, the fascinating new star of Orange Is The New Black who’s sent the internet into a frenzy

Just when we thought Orange Is The New Black couldn’t get any better, along came Ruby Rose to TOTALLY stir things up as new inmate Stella Carlin.

Since making her debut in the show’s third season, 29-year-old actress Ruby has become a bit of a sensation. In fact the Aussie star’s name started trending pretty much as soon as she appeared in her first scene and viewers haven’t stopped talking about her ever since.

So just who is Ruby Rose exactly? Here’s 7 of the most important things you need to know about this OITNB phenomenon…

1. She has an amazing modelling career

Before making a name for herself in the acting world, Ruby had already carved out quite a career as a model. She was first noticed when she entered a competition ran by an Australian teen magazine in 2003 and went on to become the face of Maybelline New York down under. Ruby was even a guest judge on Australia’s Next Top Model – watch out, Tyra Banks!

2. She’s already gone full-frontal naked on screen

Ruby showcased just why she has so many admirers when she bared her incredible body during an episode of OITNB. The scene saw her character Stella get totally naked in the shower room in front of on-screen love interest Piper, played by Taylor Schilling. Brave lady!

3. She has A LOT of tattoos – and in some painful places

Ink is clearly a major passion for Ruby. The actress is covered in tattoos and has actually lost count of how many she has, but can recall that she got her first one done at 16. Some of the designs are in pretty daring places…

‘I got Meow written inside my lip, and that was the most painful one,’ says Ruby. ‘It’s so weird, putting a needle right on your face. Clearly I’ll never have cosmetic surgery, because that was scary enough for me.’ OUCH!

4. She’s ‘gender fluid’

Androgynous Ruby has revealed that she sees herself as ‘gender fluid’, meaning that she doesn’t identify with any set gender.

‘Gender fluidity is not really feeling like you’re at one end of the spectrum or the other,’ she tells Elle magazine. ‘For the most part, I definitely don’t identify as any gender.

‘I’m not a guy; I don’t really feel like a woman, but obviously I was born one. So, I’m somewhere in the middle, which – in my perfect imagination – is like having the best of both sexes.’

5. She’s engaged to Roald Dahl’s granddaughter

Ruby is openly bisexual and has been engaged to British fashion designer Phoebe Dahl for over a year. Phoebe, 26, is the granddaughter of children’s author Roald Dahl and cousin of model and cook Sophie. Ruby has revealed that she hopes they’ll get round to tying the knot next year.

6. She gets mistaken for Justin Bieber

Many fans think that Ruby has an uncanny likeness to pop star Justin, 21, and she’s happily poked fun at the idea on social media. Earlier this year the actress posted a message on Instagram reading: ‘In every photo I post you guys either say I look like Angelina Jolie or Justin Bieber… But as pretty as they both are… They look nothing alike?! Haha’

Ruby actually met up with Justin recently, leading to some frankly awesome pictures on Instagram including one that Ruby captioned: ‘#twinning’ Amazing.

7. She’s obsessed with Taylor Swift

We’d never have imagined that Ruby would be into a bit of Swifty but it turns out that she’s actually a HUGE fan.

‘People get so surprised when I say this and I don’t know why, but I have such a girl crush on Taylor Swift. I’m obsessed,’ Ruby tells People. ‘I just want to be friends with her, like best friends forever.

‘At photo shoots they always ask what music I want and they think I’m going to say Aerosmith or Metallica, but I’m always like, “Can I get a little bit of Tay Tay? 1989, please.”’

Oh Ruby, we love you!

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