Excuse us while we gush, but we think you might want to be Claire's BFF when you see this

We’ve loved Claire Richards for yonks but the Steps star has recently stepped things up a notch. Now, we’re yearning to be the mum of two’s best bud. Let’s take a look at the evidence shall we?

1. She’s got, like, the coolest job ever
Claire Richards is by far the most interesting star on new talent show Get Your Act Together. Not least because we get to see her new 9st body in all its glory in a lace body stocking. Oh and she’s a fire-breathing legend. Can you imagine how proud her kids, Charlie, 6, and Daisy, 5, are?
‘What does your mum do, Charlie?’ ‘Oh you know, the usual. She’s a flame throwing, fire swallower.’
She’s also going to be on stage in March in a new play with Chesney Hawkes. Yes. Chesney Hawkes, people. Seasons of Love opens on 1 March at the Drury Lane Theatre, London. Did we mention it’s by the creative team who designed the London Olympics closing ceremony? And has CHESNEY HAWKES in it?

2. She has a sense of humour
We kind of didn’t need to see this picture to know this, but anyone who can take the mick out of themselves, is alright with us.

3. She made this cake

For those of you who don’t have a little girl in your life, that, friends, is Rapunzel’s castle from the movie Tangled. Which Claire made, BY HERSELF (with a bit of help from her mum). May we kiss your hem please Mrs R?

4. She went on holiday with Grover
Claire met this magnificent Muppet while on holiday at the family-friendly Beaches Resort in Turks and Caicos. Which is exactly where we’d want to take our mini-mes if we could afford it.

5. Her kids are adorbs #1

He’s only six, but Charlie pretty much summed up Claire’s glories on mother’s day. Which she hashtagged #thethingsthatmakeitworthit. Here here.

6. Her kids are adorbs #2
Nothing is more important than Claire’s kids and their well-being. Which might mean they sometimes want to wear your VERY BEST D&G shoes. You could have a hissy fit OR make like Claire and grab your phone to share how ridiculously gorgeous Daisy is in her PJs and Claire’s heels.

7. She loved her dog

A family is an extra-special place with a dog at the heart of it. We were sorry to learn that Benji has died. RIP pup.

8. This pretty much sums life up

Yes, yes it does, Claire.

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