We'd forgotten how much we love Zoe Ball, until she shimmied her way back into our hearts after replacing Claudia Winkleman on this weekend's Strictly

Zoe Ball has been dazzling on our screens for almost 20 years. From entertaining a nation of 90s teens on Live & Kicking, to wowing audiences as the host of Strictly Come Dancing spin-off show It Takes Two, Zoe has always been a firm fave among TV audiences.

But we’d almost forgotten just how darn amazing she was until she stepped in to replace Claudia Winkleman at the last minute this weekend as the host on Strictly.

We can only imagine how much she’s currently blushing with humbleness after many of the 9.8 million viewers started demanding that she should become a permanent fixture on the main BBC1 show.

Here are 8 reasons why Zoe Ball has just got EVEN BETTER as she’s got older…

1. Have you SEEN her?

She was the quirky TV girl we all wanted to be when we first met Zoe in 90s show Live & Kicking. Now, almost 20 years on, she’s still rocking the same fringe and bouncy gold locks – and she looks INCREDIBLE for her 43 years. How does she do it?

2. She’s honest about ageing

Well, we kinda do know how she does it – but we LOVE that she’s honest about it.
‘I have tried a few things, including Botox,’ admitted Zoe. ‘But I didn’t like how it made me feel and I hated that frozen look so I won’t be having any more injectables.’
Zoe also talks openly about her battle with weight: ‘I also find it hard to keep the weight off now – I can’t get below a certain weight. I am 5ft 10inches and weigh 11st. I eat a huge amount of food and your metabolism slows down as you get older. I have got more fat on my hips and tummy too.
‘Thank God for fat pants so I can tuck my belly into them.’
Here, here!

3. She’s conquered TV talent shows for as long as we can remember

From Top of the Pops in 1996, to Strictly in 2011, to this year’s The Voice sister show The Voice: Louder, Zoe Ball has presented them all. Watch out Davina McCall!

4. She’s a Strictly LEGEND

We first saw Zoe on as a contestant in 2005, partnered with Ian Waite. Zoe wowed judges and audiences, ending in third place.
She was invited back in 2011 to present Strictly: It Takes Two where she has become a chirpy weeknight favourite. Then she stepped into Claudia’s heels this weekend and Twitter went crazy for her.

Oooh just switched Strictly on. I love Zoe Ball! She always dresses so well, I love her hair. Get rid of Tess and let Zoe & Claudia present!‘ tweeted one fan.

BBC Strictly Zoe Ball is SOOOO much better on Strictly than Claudia. Please keep her on the main shows.’ wrote another.

5. And she isn’t even arrogant about it…

Zoe is not letting the hype go to her head – or at least, her four-year-old daughter Nelly isn’t:
Summed up perfectly by my lil girl. “Yes I like you on telly mum but I really love Tess & Claudia, Claudia is really funny”,’ Zoe tweeted.

6. She has a hilarious YouTube channel

Zoe Off Air is probs one of the best YouTube channels we’ve seen. Zoe posts videos including the ‘TMI Tag’, which shows the very real side of the presenter. ‘Turn on? I really like smelly arm pits… No really!’ she admitted.
There’s also tons of food recipe vids and behind the scene clips. We love!

7. She’s an amazing mum

‘I tell my daughter Nelly [4] I love her every day. And my son Woody [13].’
‘I love being a mum but it’s not an easy job. You are constantly learning and often your kids end up teaching you.’
Are just a few of the inspiring and honest things she’s said.

8. On top of ALL of this, she does tons of charity work too

Zoe is currently supporting Marks & Spencer and Oxfam’s Love Mum campaign, which asks people to donate unwanted clothing to raise money for mothers living in poverty.
‘I have been working with Oxfam for a few years and have been lucky enough to have traveled to Africa to see some of the good work that they do. I am always bowled over by how strong the women are that I have met… It’s nice as a mum to be able to say to other mums that we can raise money by doing our bit.’

Superwoman, eat your heart out.

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