After Edwina Currie opened up about her sex life on I’m A Celebrity, we decided to delve into her secret, saucy past

The world threw down their mince pies and recoiled from their TV screens in shock when former politician, 68-year-old Edwina Currie, openly told her I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! campmates all about her raucous sex life.

Nadia Forde, who Edwina was having the conversation with, looked more shocked at the revelations than that time Amy Childs found out ebola wasn’t a band.

But as Twitter exploded, we couldn’t help but think: is it really that surprising?

This is a woman who is famous for a four-year affair and the saucy books she wrote all about it.

So she’s been happily married to husband John Jones since 2001 but we decided to delve into Edwina‘s sexy past. And here are the results…

1. She’s had one night stands

Among her I’m A Celebrity revelations was Edwina‘s confession to meeting men and sleeping with them, then never seeing them again. When Edwina joined in a discussion about one night stands, Nadia asked, ‘Speaking from experience, Edwina?’ To which the feisty politician replied, ‘Yes! I always remember their names. I remember their names right now. I could name every single one.’

2. She’s sex obsessed

‘Was I sex-obsessed? Well, I certainly wasn’t cupcake-obsessed, let’s put it that way,’ Edwina once said in an interview. We’ll take that as a ‘yes’, then.

3. She dreams about sex every night

‘I dream about sex quite a lot: usually with whichever presentable man I’ve been chatting to during the day. And why not? There ought to be a lovely naked man in my bed and I ought to be playing with him and making him laugh.’ Err, TMI Edwina, T. M. I.

4. She’s a self-proclaimed cougar

Not only is she ‘obsessed’ with sex, she apparently likes to have it with younger men. ‘Since I was in my early twenties, I’ve liked very attractive young men. I wonder if they’ve heard of cougars?’ she recently revealed in the jungle. She’s always got her eye on 26-year-old Jake Quickenden, saying: ‘If I was 40 years younger I’d cover him in kisses.’ Maybe sleep with one eye open from now on, Jake.

5. She got saucy on Strictly in 2011

I’m A Celebrity‘s not the only reality show she’s talked about her sex life on. In 2011, Edwina became the first celeb to be voted out of Strictly Come Dancing after a tragic foxtrot. And her leaving speech wasn’t quite what producers expected, after she used the airtime to bang on about how gorgeous her dance partner Vincent Simone was, how she LOVES all the touching involved in the show and how dancing has pepped up her sex life. Hmmm.

6. She made a sex tape in the jungle… Kind of

Okay, slight exaggeration. But Edwina HAS apparently been dubbed ‘the Kim Kardashian of the jungle’ by producers of I’m A Celebrity after intimately massaging Jimmy Bullard, who said it was ‘fantastic’ when she stroked his, erm, area. According to people in the studio, the angle of the camera makes it look like an amateur sex tape. Ooo-err!

7. That John Major affair

Edwina made headlines in 2002 when the world found out about her four-year affair with politician (and prime-minister-to-be) John Major – she reportedly spent up to four days at a time going at it in secret. And if that isn’t shudder-worthy enough, she also kept a very detailed diary about all of their exploits, which claimed their ‘love-making was lingering and thorough’. Aaaargh.

8. She openly gives advice on having affairs

‘Only meet your lover every two weeks,’ she said in an interview. ‘If you leave it much longer between encounters, it’s harder to recover the feeling. If you meet too frequently, you get completely overwhelmed. You can get addicted to this sort of thing, you know, so it’s unwise to be doing it every week or every night. Once a fortnight is about right.’ Erm, thanks for the tips…

Well, who’d have known Edwina was such a sex muffin? Apart from all of those people who read Politics Weekly instead of watching I’m A Celebrity


By Kim Gregory

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