Happy 1st birthday Eric Cowell! Here's the proof he's JUST like dad Simon Cowell ALREADY

Eric Cowell has to be one of our favourite showbiz babies on the planet. Not only is he as cute as a button (and not the one that does up his dad’s notoriously high trousers) he’s also JUST like his father, music mogul Simon Cowell.

When the pair are pictured together, the resemblance is uncanny. The clothing, the movements, the same unamused and smugly superior facial expression – and we reckon that’s a pretty difficult thing to achieve for a one year old!

Eric turns one on Sunday 15 February and mum and dad, Simon and girlfriend Lauren Silverman, have the day all planned out.

‘We’re going to do a little bit of a celebration on Friday because he’s going to be in New York on Saturday so we’ll have two parties,’ Simon revealed at the Britain’s Got Talent auditions. ‘He’s sent me the guest list.’

Proud dad Simon brought Eric along to the BGT auditions. An audience member gushed: ‘Simon was holding him. When he tried to hand Eric back to the nanny, Eric wanted to stay with his dad. The whole crowd were mesmerised and oohing and ahhing over him. Before Simon gave Eric back he put him in his judging chair. It was very sweet.’

It’s clear from pictures that Simon is completely in love with little Eric, who he says has brought ‘a nice atmosphere’ to the home he shares with Lauren. Aww!

So to celebrate Eric’s first birthday – and his unmatchable success as a one year old – here are our favourite nine Eric pictures that prove he is the spitting image of his dad. Except, well, cuter.

Eat your heart out, Simon Cowell.

1. He likes white T-shirts
Check out their matching clothes and facial expressions in this picture.

2. He likes to sleep at random times of the day
Dad Simon is a famous insomniac. He has said: Almost every night I will be working until four or five in the morning.’ Sounds like it could be similar to Eric’s sleeping schedule.

3. Eric Cowell is on top of the media industry, like Dad
Check out little Eric catching up on some important news. Simon captioned the picture proudly: ‘Eric has already learnt to read.’

4. This is how he likes to take his baths
‘Err, swim MYSELF? I don’t think so. Pass me a lilo.’ Classic Simon Cowell behaviour right there.

5. He’s got his dad’s ear for music
‘You think my dad, Simon Cowell, is a music mogul? I’m one and I can play the drums!’ Eric Cowell is one talented baby.

6. He wears sunglasses

Simon and Eric are so similar, they match their accessories.

8. They both love this woman

We can see from this picture that the only person in the world who loves Lauren Silverman as much as Simon is Eric. Aww!

9. They both pull THIS expression

We recognise that expression, Eric! Awww, how much is he like his dad Simon?!

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Kim Gregory