Ginger-haired Harry was seen getting close to the Doctor Who star at a polo match - and we're not surprised that the brunette beauty has caught his eye...

Ever since Prince Harry became single again in September last year, the rumour mill has gone into overdrive over who will fill ex-girlfriend Cressida Bonas’ princess-in-waiting spot.

And now the flame-haired royal has added fuel to the fire by reportedly flirting with Doctor Who star Jenna Louise Coleman.

The pair were spotted chatting at a polo match last weekend, with Hazza apparently even putting his hand on Jenna’s knee – oo-er!

Given that Jenna is currently dating fellow actor Richard Madden, we don’t much fancy Harry’s chances, but we can’t blame the guy for trying – the brunette beauty is a pretty good catch.

Here’s 9 reasons we’re not surprised Harry is smitten with lovely Jenna…

1. She’s a northern lass
Jenna originally hails from Blackpool (listen out for her Lancashire twang next time she’s giving an interview), which probably makes a nice change to all the Hooray Henriettas that make up Harry’s usual social circle.

2. Don’t mess with Jenna – she’s ended up in jail TWICE
OK, not IRL, but on the small screen. Her first TV role as Jasmine Thomas in Emmerdale saw her character locked up for four years when she was found guilty of clubbing a policeman to death with a chair leg (that was after she got expelled from school and embarked on a lesbian affair). Her next role, as hard-as-nails school girl Lindsay James in Waterloo Road, also saw her imprisoned for murdering her father. Yikes.

3. She’s a charitable soul
Much like Harry, Jenna is keen to use her fame as a platform to do good. The actress is an ambassador for One to One Children’s Fund, a charity that works with some of the world’s most vulnerable children who suffer at the hands of disease, conflict or disability. The role saw her travel to Africa last year, where she met parents and children affected by HIV. Bravo, Jenna!

4. She pulled off being a schoolgirl at the age of 23
In a testament to whatever skincare products she uses, Jenna was actually 23 when she took on the role of schoolgirl Lindsay James in Waterloo Road. In an interview with Digital Spy at the time, she confessed that ‘it felt weird putting on the uniform.’

5. She’s set to become the longest-serving modern-day Doctor Who companion
After much speculation, it was confirmed that Jenna would be reprising her role as Clara Oswald in the ninth series of Doctor Who, set to return to our screens this autumn. If her character survives the full series, she’ll have clocked up an impressive 37 episodes – four more than the current title holder, Karen Gillan, who played Amy Pond from 2010 to 2012. And, as any Doctor Who aficionado will tell you, that’s a BIG deal.

6. Prince Charming is her boyfriend
We’ve no doubt that his princely status has helped him out when it comes to wooing the ladies in the past, but Harry has royal competition when it comes to Jenna because the beauty is currently dating Prince Charming. And by Prince Charming we mean the guy who played him in the recent Disney adaptation of Cinderella, Richard Madden (he’s also Rob Stark in Game of Thrones, FYI). The pair have been together since 2011 and currently live together. Sorry, Haz.

7. She’s the world’s 32nd sexiest woman
Well, according to last year’s FHM poll, anyway. And that’s not the only title Jenna holds; she won the Best UK TV Actress gong at the Glamour Awards 2014, too.

8. She likes posh candles
In a 2013 interview with Stylist, Jenna revealed: ‘He [her then-co-star Matt Smith] liked to come into my trailer because it smells nice. [His was] messy, you certainly would not want to eat your dinner in there. I had a nice Diptyque candle.’

9. And also avocados
Speaking about the moment she found out she’d won the role in Doctor Who, and in what is perhaps the most middle-class sentence ever uttered, Jenna said: ‘I was in Marks & Spencer holding an avocado, having the debate of what goes best in a salmon salad when I got the call from my agent.’

Naturally, Jenna’s dedicated fan base pounced on the comment, and there are now Tumblr accounts dedicated to ‘The Avocado Girl’ and ‘Our Avocado Queen’. Sure.

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