While Cheryl was enjoying being wined a dined by her husband Jean-Bernard, her ex husband Ashley was getting punched

Cheryl Fernandez-Versini had a pretty good 32nd birthday. Not only did her hubby of a year, Jean-Bernard, take her off to a fancy dinner but he took her off to a fancy dinner in ITALY!

Yes, we’ve hinted that our other halves should be taking notes too.

But we’re guessing Cheryl’s special day may have been made a little bit sweeter by the news that her ex husband, Ashley Cole, who famously cheated on her, was punched in the face three times but by a Playboy model!

But it wan’t just any model, it was the sister of the model allegedly involved in Cheryl and Ashley’s break up, yep, Melissa, remember her? Well it was her twin sister, Carla Howe who put Ashley in a knuckle sandwich.

Melissa and Ashley soon lost contact after their fling, but whatever happened behind the scenes, it apparently riled up Carla when she spotted the footballer in London’s Tramp club.

In a tweet now deleted, Carla wrote: ‘Happy I just punched up @TheRealAC3 long awaited.’

24-year-old Melissa told the Daily Star: ‘He was trying to get up in my face, and I didn’t know what was going on. I thought he was going to attack me.

‘I thought something bad was going to happen to me. I was scared, so I punched him.

‘I was wearing a ring and hit him three times in the jaw. Afterwards he was shouting ‘She’s busted my lip.’

Carla added: ‘No-one tried to stop me hitting him – I think that is because of Ashley’s bad karma.

‘I did it for my sister. Ashley has caused her a lot of issues.

‘He deserved it. He thinks he can treat women like dirt. He’s an a******.’

Ashley was said to have made Carla and Melissa ‘compete’ against each other for a date with him after splitting from pop star wife Cheryl in 2011.

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Lydia Southern