Several of the Strictly Come Dancing 2015 line-up have dancing experience...

Strictly Come Dancing is no stranger to controversy – remember John Sergeant-gate, Pixie Lott getting voted out early, etc.? – and this year there’s already a potential talking point brewing up.

The programme might be all about the journey and seeing the celebrities progress over the weeks but several of this year’s line-up appear to have had quite a bit of a head-start…

Many have significant past dance experience, with some having even trained at prestigious establishments such as the Sylvia Young Theatre School, and it’s got us wondering –  is Strictly already in danger of being a fix?!

When it comes to the boys, The Wanted star Jay McGuiness doesn’t just bring experience of dancing on stage with the boys (which, tbh, didn’t involve much choreography) – he’s also well versed in the contemporary style.

‘A lot of people won’t know that I’m the only member of The Wanted that had danced beforehand at a college in Nottingham,’ says Jay, 25.

‘But I did a lot of contemporary dance so I’m looking forward to now learning different types of dance that I’ve never done before.’

Meanwhile the girls bring a wealth of impressive dance knowledge to the fore. Former Coronation Street star Georgia May Foote has a background in modern dancing but has played it down a bit.

‘I’m going to be rusty for starters so I will be generous and give myself 6 out of 10 so then there’s room to improve,’ the 24-year-old actress admits.

‘I used to dance when I was younger and used to go to dance school to do hip-hop and street dance which is massively different to ballroom.

‘I used to freestyle too so the more precise and technical dancing is going to be quite difficult.’

Other stars who’ve been playing down their experience include Call The Midwife’s Helen George, who used to do ballet when she was younger but feels that it will actually put her at a DISADVANTAGE rather than come in useful.

‘I think that could be a bit of a hindrance as it is so different from all of the ballroom and latin dances that I will have to do on Strictly,’ she says.

As for EastEnders star Kellie Bright, she’s surely got to be a favourite for winning the show after admitting to doing A LOT of dancing at the Sylvia Young Theatre School.

‘I danced throughout my school life,’ the 39-year-old explains. ‘When I was younger, dancing was my life, I loved it so much.’

Kellie thinks her ‘basic knowledge’ of dance will help her but like the others insists that it’s not a huge advantage.

‘It’s been 23 years since I left school so I don’t know what I’m capable of,’ she says.

Do you think it’s fair to have Strictly Come Dancing contestants with so much past dance training? Let us know your thoughts…

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Anna Francis