We chat to choreographer supreme, 35

Tell us about The Pulse On Tour, Brian Friedman.

It’s a weekend dance event where choreographers, including myself, will teach you routines.

We’ve been to Las Vegas, Honolulu and Orlando – and now we’re heading to London!

Is it for beginners or pro dancers?


If you have a passion for dance, you’ll get into the classes.

You might not be the best in the room, but you’ll learn.

However, you’ll be challenged.

It’ll be the best workout of your life.

What’s the favourite dance routine you’ve ever choreographed?

I’m A Slave 4 U by Britney Spears.

I’m so proud I worked with Britney and that video’s iconic.

Kids always ask me to teach them the routine.

Was Britney right to quit the US X Factor?

She did what was right for her.

I can’t say I think Britney loved working on the show and it looks like she’s chosen to do her music instead.

Will you be working on The X Factor UK again this year?

We’ll soon see!

I never know until the last minute.

But I’m ready – I have X Factor withdrawals right now.

And is it true Sharon Osbourne‘s returning?

I’d love her to be a judge again.

We had a great rhythm together and she’d be fun.

Brian appears in The Pulse On Tour at Olympia in London, 20-21 April. Visit pulseontour.com/london

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