Yup... we're talking 'down there'.

Geordie Shore’s Aaron Chalmers is one hell of an inked up ‘fella, right?! So, whats an inked up ‘fella to do when theres no room left for any new inkings?

Get your privates under the needle, of course! Yup, we kid you not.

The Geordie lad has taken to social media to share his latest piece of body art- an inking of a death moth down there. 

Our suspicions of a, *ahem*, ‘private’ tattoo were ignited earlier this week after Aaron had taken to Twitter to share that ‘Getting tattooed about the D*ck is a f**king awful experience!!’.

Oh, what a way with words…

And our suspicions were then very much confirmed when Aaron later took to his Instagram to share the big reveal of his death moth.

Ready? Bam…

Okay, so it’s not actually on his thing… but hey- we’re sure the pain was all the same.

Aaron has also taken to Twitter to share that he had found himself in a less than compromising position- sharing that he had ‘Cling film all around my bum and willy’.



In fact, it would appear that Aaron is a lil’ worse for wear this morning- having shared that he has a ‘Nice bruise on the base of my willy’.


The Geordie Shore star’s latest tatt addition comes as his ex Marnie Simpson, whom Aaron infamously fooled into believing that he’d had her name tattooed on him, faces tonights Celebrity Big Brother final.

Marnie has had quite the ride inside the CBB house, having found love with evicted housemate and former TOWIE ‘fella Lewis Bloor.

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Things seem to be moving along pretty well for the pair, as Marnie told Lewis she ‘loves him so much’ during his surprise call to the CBB house last night.

So cayooot!

Alice Perry