Now we FINALLY know...

So we all know the story by now: Aaron Chalmers and Marnie Simpson don’t get together, she hooks up with Lewis Bloor instead, and well all have some Twitter feuds afterwards.

But what exactly happened to their relationship? Well it all comes down to Marnie coming out as bisexual.

In Tuesday’s episode of Geordie Shore, Marron spend all their time arguing – until one moment it gets to boiling point and Marnie throws a drink over him.

Eventually Nathan pulls Aaron to the side and tells him that Marnie is bisexual – which annoys the tattooed hunk, as she’s been getting off with Chloe!


He laments to the camera: ‘She’s supposed to be my girlfriend so why the f**k am I the last person to know?’

Throwing a drink on someone isn't the best way to make it civil... [MTV]

Throwing a drink on someone isn’t the best way to make it civil… [MTV]

He then asks Nathan: ‘So wait there… I’ve got a best mate who’s a girl, but if I kiss her is that cheating?’

Nathan says yes and Aaron loses it and storms out saying: ‘I’m done mate. I’m done. It’s sh*t.’

He tells the camera: ‘What annoys me is that Marnie keeps kissing Chloe and thinking that it’s alright. It’s f**king not.’

Aaron then packs his bags and leaves the villa: ‘I haven’t got a problem with Marnie’s sexuality. I just wish she told us about it.

‘I’m really f**ked off that she was kissing Chloe because that is basically cheating and she couldn’t even be bothered to apologise when she swirled us. My head is all over the place.’

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When the gang ends up back at the villa and sees that he’s gone, Marnie rants to camera: ‘Once again, me and Aaron are in the same position. He’s got an issue and instead of sorting it out like a man, he’s ran away from it.’

What a drama. Then she gets with Lewis. Hearts broken everywhere.

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