Model suspects Peter Crouch has further secrets, says pal

Abbey Clancy was filming E4’s Great British Hairdresser Of The Year in Manchester when she found out a Sunday newspaper was about to print a story about fiancé Peter Crouch – and a prostitute in Madrid.

Then there it was – a report detailing how her beloved fiancé had partied at the Buddha del Mar nightclub and invited brunette Monica Mint, 19, to join him and his friends in a roped-off area of the club.

Monica, who uses a fake name, recalled: ‘He was trying to do salsa dancing and it was hilarious because he’s so tall…

‘I told him I was an escort. His friend asked how much I charged. Then he told me that Peter wanted my number.’

Putting his relationship with Abbey to the back of his mind, Peter shared a bottle of vodka with Monica before taking her to room 105 of the Rafael Hotel at 5.30am.

He paid her £829 before leaving the hotel at 7am.

Struggling to come to terms with what’s happened, a brokenhearted Abbey has sought comfort in those close to her.

And, they tell Now, Abbey fears Monica isn’t the only girl Pete‘s cheated on her with.

‘She’s worried he only told her this time because he knew the story was coming out,’ says a friend.

‘That’s hurt her even more. It’s thrown her world into chaos.

‘She loves Peter to bits and thought he was the man for her. The news of his betrayal is still sinking in.’

See the full story about Abbey Clancy and Peter Crouch in Now magazine dated 23 August 2010 – out now!

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