The model and WAG tries to sneak her designer purchases past her footballer husband

Abbey Clancy admits to fibbing about where she buys her clothes to husband Peter Crouch, 31.

She does shop at New Look, Miss Selfridge, TK Maxx and Zara, but loves her designer brands, too.

‘I tend to put all the bags into one, so he can’t see how many I’ve got,’ admits Abbey, 27.

‘And everything I buy is “£20 from H&M” because it’s easier that way.’

Only trouble with this strategy is that Peter believes her outfits are throwaway cheap ‘n’ cheerful.

‘When we were on holiday in LA, we went to this club and I had a Balmain dress on. It was from their cheaper range Pierre Balmain, but it was still £400. I’d told Pete it was £20 from H&M,’ Abbey tells Fabulous.

‘So we went out and everyone was smoking and I was complaining that my dress was going to get ruined.

Pete said: “Come on, it was only £20 from H&M.”

‘And I was like: “Um, no actually it wasn’t!”‘

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