Heartbroken model is not prepared to let go


Abbey Clancy has got over the shock of Peter Crouch being accused of cheating on her with a teenage prostitute – and has decided she doesn’t want to lose her man, it’s claimed.

The Liverpudlian model, 24, is said to have told a friend their 4-year relationship is too important to her to throw away.

‘It’s not going to be easy, but, given time, I hope we can get through this. We’ve been through too much. I’m not prepared to let it go,’ the pal claims Abbey confided.

alleges 6ft 7in Peter, 29, paid her for sex while on a weekend stag do in Madrid and photos of also the footballer have also emerged of him dancing provocatively with a string of blondes.

Abbey is still very hurt by the accusations. Although she is prepared to forgive, she won’t ever forget,’ the pal tells the Daily Mirror.

Tottenham Hotspur striker Peter has returned to the couple’s mansion in Weybridge, Surrey,
further igniting rumours the couple are back together.

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