These photos of a one-year-old Abby Clancy will melt your heart!


Abby Clancy is one smokin’ hot mama but, like all of us, she was once a tubby, little toddler too!

The mum-of-two shared some adorable throwback picture of herself age one and looks JUST like her youngest daughter Liberty.

This is Abby…

Me age 1 my mum thought a perm would help my pin straight bum fluff hair !!!🙈🙈 how big are my ears 😊😊😊

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And this is Liberty, who went a little crazy with a lipstick one day…


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Abby, who is married to footballer Peter Crouchshared two throwback snaps on her Instagram before commenting herself on ‘looking identical to my baby Liberty.’

Check out the pair side-by-side in the above gallery.

Liberty was born in June 2015 and joined the couple’s oldest daughter Sophia, who is now five.


Model Abby, 30, has said of motherhood:

‘…we don’t have any help or anything! It’s just up to me and Pete to do everything. So when you’re tired and you’re up through the night, you’re thinking, “How am I going to do this?” It’s so hard. I don’t think anyone understands when you have a baby how hard it is. I don’t work every day, and Pete’s home at 3pm [from training].

‘My mum had four kids on her own, so if I had one kid with one nanny and not a full-time job, it would be a joke. And I think the impossible happens when you leave your kids. I’ve seen so many nannies in the park on their phones, and the kids are running off…’

Abby – who is known for having one kick-ass body – also admits she is not a fan of exercise and that the kids help keep her in shape.



‘To be honest I’m not big on exercise. When I was pregnant I used to do a little bit of pilates, and of course I did my dancing [on Strictly], but for me working out is all about feeling strong and healthy. I do it to give me energy as opposed to being a weight maintainer. I don’t need to exercise to lose weight – a little bit of stress and I’m half a stone lighter, plus everyday I’m with the children, which is non-stop. The little one is so fat and heavy, carrying her is the best toning ever. I don’t have any help, my mum minds them when I’m working, and so I literally don’t sit down until I’m in bed at night.’

If only a baby would give us buns like her!