Reality star says she plunged into depression during their 5-year relationship


Abi Titmuss has revealed that she considered taking her own life after her relationship with former TV presenter John Leslie ended.

‘Everything had built up and I’d got lower and lower. Some pretty dark thoughts went through my mind,’ she says.

‘It was only my parents who stopped me from doing something really stupid.’

The 32-year-old Love Island star says she doesn’t regret her 5-year relationship with former This Morning presenter John, 43, and is glad she supported him after he was falsely accused of rape in 2002.

‘I’m proud I stood by John, but to go through hell like that because of something that horrendous and to become famous because of it does not help you sleep at night,’ she tells the News Of The World.

Abi’s autobiography The Secret Diaries Of Abigail Titmuss is out now.