Glamour model says she was at rock bottom after her break-up from Lee Sharp


Abi Titmuss has revealed that she hit rock bottom when she split from former footballer Lee Sharp.

The glamour girl dated him for 3 months after they appeared together on Celebrity Love Island in June 2005.

But they ended things when newspapers accused Lee, 37, of cheating on her with 2 women.

‘My life is empty,’ she reveals in her new autobiography. ‘It’s like there’s a gaping void inside me that I have to fill.

‘I’ve discovered there are various means of doing this: food, drink and men. But the high is transient and I am always left feeling worse than when I started. Deeply, deeply unhappy.

‘I feel lower than I’ve ever felt in my life. I hate my life and I hate myself. Something has to give. I’m so depressed.’

But after talking her problems through with a therapist, 32-year-old Abi insists she’s bounced back.

‘I was in a cycle of self-obsession, self-loathing and self-pity,’ she writes. ‘I used drink, drugs, sex, food, shopping… anything I could to numb the pain. Therapy was the best thing I’ve ever done – it changed my life.’

The Secret Diaries Of Abigail Titmuss is released on 24 July.