Amanda Donohoe, Jamie Lee Curtis and Carole Caplin all fell for the 80s pop star

Adam Ant was definitely a dashing Prince Charming in his 80s heyday.

Michael Jackson was so impressed by his military jacket, he phoned at 4am one morning to ask where he could buy one.

Thousands of groupies were also excited by Adam’s wild appearance. They readily jumped into his bed but he also found time to date Amanda Donohoe, Jamie Lee Curtis and Carole Caplin.

Actress Amanda [pictured in his dressing room in 1981] was only 16 when they met and acted as his wardrobe mistress, sewing ribbons into hair extensions for his flamboyant stage performances.

Jamie Lee, already the star of the film Trading Places before their romance began, ended the relationship when she realised Adam – real name Stuart Goddard – couldn’t be faithful.

Carole Caplin, who went on to become Cherie Blair’s health coach, was crazy about the musician at first but then decided he was f****d up.

Adam, now 51, admits that his mental health problems began with terrifying hallucinations when he was just four years old and he has struggled with depression all his life.

Stand And Deliver by Adam Ant is published by Sidwick & Jackson, £18.99