Singer Adele might be making a comeback with a TV show, as well as her highly anticipated third album is set to be released.


Oh Adele, when will you return back into our lives? We miss your deep and meaningful lyrics that we can cry tears over, and powerful diva anthems to help us get over our exes. Our love lives have basically just been a wreck since you’ve been gone.

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And thing is, we can’t just find someone like you – there is only one Adele!

Thankfully though, it looks like Adele may be making a comeback soon, and not just onto our Spotify.

Rumour has it that her highly anticipated third album will be released in November, a source has told The Sun that an interview alone may not be enough to promote the Adele and the album. Well, she is KIND OF a big deal.

‘Adele if simply too big just to be part of a green room of guests on a chat show.’

So if a spot on someone else’s show isn’t good enough, maybe her very own show will do the trick?

‘She deserves her own dedicated programme where the spotlight will only be on her.’

The 27-year-old tweeted on her 26th birthday a photo of her that was captioned ‘Bye bye 25…See you again later in the year x’

With her first album, 19, released in 2008 when she, well, 19, and the difficult second album 21 debuted in 2011 when she was – you guessed it – 21, we’ve got our fingers and all other limbs crossed that her cryptic tweet means that this means the album will be called 25 and our ears will be blessed with her musical genius.


Amy Lo