You need to see this exclusive clip of Adele...

Just. Keep. Breathing. It’s been three years coming, but Adele is finallly answering our prayers and performing live once again in a very special episode of The Graham Norton Show – there’s a sensational BBC clip out already of the worldwide exclusive performance, and we just can’t stop watching it!

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If you liked the single when you first heard it, you are going to be blown away by this haunting performance complete with rhythmic drums, set against a background of brooding black and white close-ups from the music video. Wearing a majestic forest green dress with gold sequins, Adele looks every inch the world famous starlet she is.

The clip also gives an insight into Graham’s interview with Adele. ‘It was that thing of, do I or do I not want to go back to my music? I just wanted to make sure everything was in place so that I could do it properly. I can’t do anything else. This is all that I like doing,’ she told Graham Norton, when he asked if she was tempted to pack in her music career after the immense success of 21.

Later, in a game of ‘Rumour Has It’ – yup, the Graham Norton game inspired by Adele’s own song – the star clears up a few rumours about herself – starting with ‘fessing up to giving up access to her own Twitter account after a period of ‘drunk tweeting’. Oh, Adele – you’re just like one of us!

See the incredible clip HERE.