Singer devastated when Ginger left the Spice Girls

Adele has revealed that she still hasn’t forgiven Geri Halliwell for walking out on the Spice Girls.

The Chasing Pavements singer was a huge fan of Ginger, but was devastated when she left the band in May 1998.

Geri was my favourite Spice Girl, but she left and broke my heart, so I’m a Scary Spice girl now,’ she says.

‘When I was young, I was planning to go to their show at Wembley as Geri. But just before I went, she left.

‘I had to go as Mel C, and I was never that sporty. I haven’t forgiven Geri for that.’

Adele, 20, says she would be embarrassed to meet any of her teen idols now.

‘The only people I’d never want to meet would be my childhood heroes – the Spice Girls, East 17, Take That,’ she says.

‘It would be really bad, because they’d be normal people but I still think of them as superhuman.’