Chasing Pavements has an odd meaning in the States


Adele was left red-faced when she discovered the title of her hit single Chasing Pavements has a crude meaning in the States.

‘There’s this thing called Urban Dictionary and apparently “chasing pavements” means going out trying to find someone to stick your tongue up their bum,’ she says.

‘That’s disgusting! The song’s not about that at all! It’s so annoying.’

Adele, 20, says she avoided booze when she toured the US because of a bad experience at a previous gig.

‘I thought I was on at 9pm but I was actually on at 2am,’ she tells Metro.

‘It was my first proper gig so I invited all my friends and family and they kept buying me drinks.

‘I was so drunk I missed out the chorus to a song and fell off my stool.

‘It was so embarrassing. I never drink before gigs now.’