We hope little Angelo is OK


Adele‘s world tour has been a runaway success, with the star selling out venues across the globe – but things almost took a very scary turn during her latest leg in Australia.

The Water Under The Bridge singer has revealed that she has been forced to axe fireworks from her gigs after her son ended up with debris from the rockets ended up in his EYE during rehearsal.

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She said that four-year-old Angelo – her only son with husband Simon Konecki – was left ‘upset’ by the incident.

Speaking on stage in Perth, Adele told fans: ‘We’ve been rehearsing here and up until last night we had fireworks for you.

‘And obviously everyone likes a fireworks display. However, my son was watching in the crowd… there wasn’t much of a crowd, there was like five people.

‘A bit of debris — it wasn’t big — but a bit of s**t went in his eye and he was very upset, so I got rid of the fireworks.’

Ouch! Poor Angelo – we hope he’s OK.

She could always treat the little one to a lavish pressie to help him get over the upset – after it was revealed that the singer earned over £500,000 per NIGHT on her Adele Live tour last year, we reckon she has a bob or two to spare!

Still, it might not be the end for fireworks at Adele’s shows, with the star reportedly conducting a poll amongst the audience.

Australian website Music.com reports that she said “let’s get a cheer for fireworks if you want them’ – which was met by huge enthusiasm for the crowd. How quickly little Angelo’s suffering was forgotten!

The crowd then stayed largely quiet when she said ‘let’s get a ‘boo’ if you don’t want s**t in your eyes.’

‘Alright, we’ll do it next time,’ Adele concluded.