Michelle Heaton speaks about the traumatic period of her life where she faced cancer head on, like Angelina

Following the emotional news that Angelina Jolie chose to have her ovaries removed, UK star Michelle Heaton has opened up about her own heartbreaking decision to have a similar treatment six months ago.

Like Angelina, 39, Michelle discovered that she was carrying a faulty BRCA1 gene, which could eventually lead to her being diagnosed with breast or ovarian cancer, and last year, opted to undergo a hysterectomy to have her womb removed in a bid to avoid developing the life-threatening illness.

Michelle, who is undoubtedly an inspiration, revealed: ‘It wasn’t an easy decision by any means. I knew that I could no longer have children afterwards, and that I would go into voluntary menopause straight away.’

Speaking on ITV‘s This Morning on Wednesday, former Liberty X star Michelle, admitted that as soon as she’d given birth to son Aaron last Spring with husband Hugh Hanley, she decided to prepare for the life-changing operation.

‘I got the ball rolling as soon as AJ was born and it took about six months to prepare for it. You have to make sure you are mentally able to cope with what’s going to happen,’ confessed Michelle, who also shed a tear upon revealing that going through the menopause at only 35-years-old is ‘not easy’, adding that her hormone replacement therapy is not fully effective yet, and could take up to two years.

‘I suppose my body is playing catch up – but I’m not one hundred percent me,’ said an emotional Michelle.

Much like Hollywood A-Lister Angelina Jolie, Michelle also underwent a double mastectomy – the removal of both breasts.

Ms Heaton had the operation in November 2013, describing this period in her life as ‘hugely traumatic’ although the odds were just too high to ignore.

‘After seeing my grandma go through breast and ovarian cancer, and her mum had it also, I didn’t want my children to ever see me go through that, so the double mastectomy was a really quick and easy decision for me,’ said Michelle, who also opted for reconstructive surgery too so she could wake up with breasts.

‘I will never have the feeling back in my breasts but I had a shape still and it was a relief that I wasn’t looking down at a flat chest – some women aren’t so lucky,’ explained the fitness fan.

Speaking about the time she found out that she’d inherited the faulty gene from her father’s side of the family, mum-of-two Michelle explained:

‘My dad’s mum had been tested, she was positive. My dad and his two sisters received the letter asking if they want to be tested as they have a fifty percent risk of having it. My dad did [have the test] knowing that he had me and that I might have it. He was positive. I got the letter. I was positive. My daughter (Faith, 3) will get the letter…’

Michelle‘s emotional confession gathered plenty of support on social media including a tweet from her pal and former Atomic Kitten member, Liz McLarnon, who wrote:

I’m watching my EXTREMELY brave friend @wonderwomanshel on @itvthismorning.’

We admire you, Michelle.

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